whos got the most extractions?

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whos got the most extractions?

#1 Post by chillin-in-grilz »

I got 8:)

can anyone top that? lol
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#2 Post by martinboyce »

Christ, which 8, i need to see a picture, are they all out as part of ortho treatment?

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#3 Post by Lisa65 »

I've got 8 teeth missing, all my first premolars and all my wisdom teeth, but they were all taken out when I was a teenager.

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#4 Post by Morena_Prncss »

I had nine. Four premolars and five wisdom teeth.
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#5 Post by Spanner »


All premolars (taken out as a teenager) 2 wisdom teeth and one molar (can't remember it's name) taken out due to re-curring abcess.

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#6 Post by Britlaw »

I only have 12 teeth in each jaw, 4 extractions as part of this orthodontic work (aged 47) and the rest - impacted canines on the top and impacted wisdoms on the bottom removed as a teen. If only I (and/or my Mum) had been more aware as a teen of what could be done! Ortho said if I was younger (i.e. still growing, I could have avoided 2 of the extractions now but my jaws are still tiny. Its strange as for a female I am huge!! I am 6 feet 2 tall and my leg bones go way up to here.....so why are my jaws so tiny LOL.

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#7 Post by adultbraces »

8 total.
4 impacted wisdom teeth
4 premolars

now i can scare when I see those people with full teeth including erupted wisdom teeth b/c their mouth looks like a shark when they laugh with mouth wide open..

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#8 Post by Braced32 »

I've had a total of 8 extracted.

As a teenager I had 3 extracted to prepare for braces (then chickened out and did not get braces). :(

20 years later, I recently had 5 extracted - one wisdom & 4 second premolars - to prepare for braces (this time I'm NOT chickening out). :D

I am also missing 7 permanent teeth:
- Permanent upper lateral incisors
- Permanent upper second bicuspids
- Permanent lower second bicuspids
- Permanent lower right second molar

Along with 3 wisdom teeth (third molars) - but who cares about these - they usually get extracted anyways! :lol:

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#9 Post by SideKick3QT »

I am supposed to have 8 out. I am getting my 4 impacted Wisdom teeth taken out March 6th....sooo scared!

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#10 Post by skintz »

I feel ike such a loooooser! I had six out (4 impacted wisdoms and 2 lower 1st pre-molars), i thought that was bad enough!!

Hey, SideKick3QT-you're having yours out on my birthday :-)o Good day for me, not so good day for you! (Don't worry though, you will be fine-i had mine out 3 days before my 21st birthday, but it wasn't too bad)
Good luck for then :)




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#11 Post by ibraceface »

9!! 4 premolars, 4 wisdom teeth, and an "extra" tooth i had

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#12 Post by breal87 »

I only had 4 :) which were all impacted wisdom teeth. I also had dry socket after the surgery

I take that back i actually had 5 which were my four wisdom teeth and when i was younger i had a baby tooth grow in between my 2 front teeth which was extracted. I almost forgot! :roll:
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#13 Post by choccyface »

I had 6 out for my brace but already had one out a long time ago - that doesn't include any wisdom teeth, I now have 12 teeth on each jaw (not including wisdom as they are only partly erupted)

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#14 Post by cybersiren »

I had 2 baby teeth pulled as part of my first round of braces. They all got replaced by permanent ones eventually. Later, before my second round of braces I had my 4 wisdoms out so I guess you could say I'm pretty normal.

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#15 Post by Gennel »

I've had 9 extractions and need 2 more! So it will be a total of11 extractions

I had 4 premolars +2 wisdom teeth,1bottom front incisor,2 of my second molars also pulled.

For my ortho treatment I actually needed 4 premolars .
The bottom incisor had to be taken out because of boneloss would not support the braces and I would lose it eventually . I am holding out on getting the top wisdom teeth taken out and my ortho said it was not urgent that I needed them out.


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