Underbite worse

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Sweet Escape
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Underbite worse

#1 Post by Sweet Escape »

My ortho says by bite (underbite) has gotten worst since braces (one year today!) but she says this a good thing as I'll be able to get maximum results during surgery.

Can somebody explain why it's gotten worse and why it's better.



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#2 Post by ReneG »

My ortho and surgeon examined me together and also discussed it over my teeth model as well. I reckon that they are aware of what they are doing. Note that I need both upper and lower jaw surgery!

My ortho didn't tell me straight out that my bite would get worse. His view is just to get my teeth angled, aligned, in place exactly as the surgeon wants them. After he described the movements he had in mind, I asked him "hmm, isn't that going to make my bite a lot worse?" He paused a bit, I think to say it in the nicest way, but there really isn't a nicer way to say it.

But he did take time and effort to emphasize that of all the surgical cases he has done with that particular surgeon, 80% of them were happy and would choose to do it again. The other 20% were due to their cases being marginal cases which would be not drastically helped by surgery but they elected to proceed.

So I'm really lowering my expectations during my brace period... and I have to be careful not to expect too much from after the surgery.

I also just found out that I will be having a genioplasty as well, since my chin will be out of whack after the BSSO. I'm just relieved that they thought of that!

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#3 Post by badbite »

I am at the beginning of my braces journey with only haveing SARPE so far, but I have already been forwarned that my bite will get really bad bafore surgery. I am hoping to have upper only.


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#4 Post by eggraid101 »

That is very common for pre-surgical treatment. Often, we will extract teeth and make the bite worse in preparation to surgery. Before orthodontics, the teeth will often times compensate for the jaws being way out of whack by tipping too far forward or too far back. We then use the braces to reverse this compensation and get the teeth to the proper angle, then the surgery moves the jaw...and the teeth fit together beautifully (we hope). Things usually go very well, and even if they can't be made to be perfect, they are much much better than they would be without surgery. good luck!
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Remember: your orthodontist knows your dental history and orthodontic condition best. I can guide you toward better orthodontic information than if you were left on your own and hopefully in doing so play a small part in your quest to achieve a beautiful, fully functional smile, but you should consider your orthodontist the best source of information.


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#5 Post by JayC »

my underbite worsened.. then decreased a bit .. my teeth are full aligned now.. im ready for surgery and my underbite isnt even that bad rite now but still noticeable esp if i clench and smile. the molars just dont fit..

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