x-rays relevant to ortho consultation. panoral &.....?

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x-rays relevant to ortho consultation. panoral &.....?

#1 Post by invisible »


My dentist let me borrow my x-ray,
It is the one showing all the teeth, called panoral I think.

I recall taking x-rays from some other angles showing one side of the mouth maybe.

Would it be better if I get those x-rays as well, or is it not that important.


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#2 Post by iBorg »

If you're just starting out, that is more than what's needed. Most ortho's can do their own x-xays.

Good luck!

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#3 Post by TumbleDryLow »

I think my dentist called it a panoramic, and that's the only one that I needed at my consults. Once you decide on which practice you are going with, they will probably do their own x-rays.

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#4 Post by lilblackdress »

Your panaramic x-ray should it be fine. It lets the dentist/ortho get a general idea of the condition of all your teeth. If you have bite-wing x-rays available, then take them, but I wouldn't go through any extra effort to get them. They allow the dentist/ortho to get see specific teeth in greater detail.

Like iBorg and TumbleDryLow mentioned, dentist/orthos can always take additional x-rays if needed.

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x-rays and orthos.... x-rays and scanning

#5 Post by invisible »

Thanks guys, :D I love this site.

Wanted to have the x-rays handy since I am booking several ortho consultations.

The only one that I have been to so far did not take x-rays/moulds he just had a look around and gave me his ideas charged £30/$60. I realised that in this case for example I could have gotten more bang for my buck by pulling out the x-ray.

Also gettings x-rays for all the consultations might be to much exposure... I'm told
May help keep costs down with the intital consultations at least

You think I can put my x-ray onto my flat bed scanner?
Don't want to damage it.... scanning light must be quite intense... maybe... lol?
Will it give much of a scan? Should I put some particular piece of card/paper behind to increase the effectiveness of the scan.

Just want a copy to refer back to during my ortho travels. 8)

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#6 Post by Spanner »

I know this is off the subject slightly but that panoramic x-ray looks so lovely compared to mine. It was horrific with roots going in all sorts of scary angles :oops:

Good luck with your consultations Invisible :D

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#7 Post by Lisa65 »

I know what you mean, my initial one looked terrible too :oops: I had a new one done last time I went, but I forgot to ask if I could look at it.

My initial X-rays were the 2 Meryaten posted pics of. Later on I also had some periapicals (just the roots) done on my premolars and canines because he wanted to see how much space there was for my implant screws. I scanned in my initial X-rays for my own records using my flatbed scanner. They didn't come to any harm and the scan was pretty good quality.

You can see what they came out like here
http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i192/ ... 5small.jpg

http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i192/ ... 8small.jpg

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