I slacked off on cleaning and now I have decalcification :(

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I slacked off on cleaning and now I have decalcification :(

#1 Post by wearetheborg »



I've brushed everyday, but I was not deligent in cleaning teeth after meals. Now I have decalcification :(
It is so easy to get into a habit of not brushing/cleaning after meals. Crap.

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#2 Post by rsprouse »

If it is a true decalcification then it is a lesion strictly in enamel. If you are diligent about brushing/flossing you may get lucky. May I suggest a fluoride rinse in conjuction to help out? Act is good stuff as is PhosFlur.

Ho Ho Ho,

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#3 Post by wearetheborg »

I'm nearing the end of my brace treatment.

Here is how it went - when I got braces, I realised it needed more cleaning. I was deligent for a week, then slacked off (as in not brushing up fater meals). Every six months I would go to dental cleaning, get deligent for a week, then again slack off. I was brushing day and night though.
But I was also eating a lot of chocolates :oops:

I went to dentist today, because I thought I had holes in my front teeth due to decalcification. the dentist said they were not holes, but stains. But they seem like holes to me. Anyway, some decalcification is there, but dentist said I could avoid cavities if I was deligent from now on.

I do have a fluoride rinse, I'm going touse that regularly.

It SUCKS, I knew I had to be deligent, but I was just too lazy AAAAhhh, I hate myself :-+ :-+ :-+

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#4 Post by alfie »

Why does decalcification happen?

Is it becuase actual food is left on your teeth after eating?

After I eat lunch I make sure I don't have any food particles left, but I don't brush. I drink a LOT of water durning the day and brush twice in the AM and once (for like 5 mins!)in the PM. Am I at risk ???

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#5 Post by NotBob1 »

I had some decalce from my previous ortho work some 20 years ago. It never really got worse, though never better either. I was POSITIVE that the decalcification had gotten worse from my second round of braces, but it was still same.

I agree on using Phos-Flur or another high percentage stannous fluoride treatment. It should help.

How bad are we talking? Just around the molar bands? Or is it around the direct bonds as well?

I think that if you poll everyone out here, you will find that you are not alone in your brushing habits, just honest about it!
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