The Great Big Xmas IGMMIMMTY Competition

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The Great Big Xmas IGMMIMMTY Competition

#1 Post by scrap_metal »

A competition with no prizes, just the Cudos of winning the first "I've Got More Metal In My Mouth Than You" Competition.

We all post a short description of our current "Hardware" status and let Lynne (The Boss) decide say around Xmas Eve time who is the deserved winner of the "Cudos Trophy" for 2007.

Haven't asked Lynne yet but what do we think? :lol:

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#2 Post by scrap_metal »

anything related to our orthodontic treatment, be it extra, inter or anywhere else!

This is just a light-hearted Xmas thing, not looking to win any technical awards. :D

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#3 Post by rsprouse »

I'll do a little showing off :lol:

This is with a "normal" adult dentition with no 3rd molars (28 toofs). I have 1 tooth with nothing on it, although he could probably use to be bracketed as well.
14x - Metal Brackets
6x - Ceramic Brackets
7x - Molar Bands w/ lingual hooks
12x - Lingual hooks (just like having lingual braces too!!)
8x - Kobayashi hooks/ties (only been doing these for a few months and sometimes fewer).
1x - Maxillary Power Chain from canine to canine on the buccal
1x - Maxillary Power Chain from 2nd molar to 2nd premolar on the lingual
1x - Mandibular wire tie chain

Currently wearing 5 elastics, my worst month was 11 at one time.

Now that I think about it, maybe I should have done this surgically.


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#4 Post by scrap_metal »

our first entrant, no prizes yet i'm afraid but you've set the bar high :)

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#5 Post by Lisa65 »

18 metal brackets
6 molar bands - 4 w/HG tubes and buccal hooks and 2 with just buccal hooks
2 SS archwires
1 Nance appliance
2 mini-implant screws
2 wire loops connecting implant screws to canines
2 push coil springs
2 stoppers (on the springs)
2 quick-ties on my upper canines
1 high-pull headgear and Nitom locking facebow
3 powerchains (2 separate ones on the lowers and one on the uppers - OK they're not metal and 2 ligs which are not metal either)
0 elastics right now thank goodness

I think that's it for the moment - I did have 2 kobyashi hooks but had them taken off last time.

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#6 Post by crazybeautiful »

I was born with a metal head :huh:

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#7 Post by Spanner »

5 fillings

i don't think i'm gonna win this somehow :lol:

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#8 Post by Steadfast »

Not really sure what's in my mouth. I know the bottom wire is a titanium/nickel alloy, which I think is very cool. The top is stainless steel.

Oh, and I have this springy thing to keep two of my teeth apart. I was gonna post photos at some point.

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#9 Post by Andantae »

This is very funny. Respectfully funny Lisa & Rory. You have indeed set the bar high, and I am sufficiently humbled sporting a mere TPA, Lingual Arch, 8 molar bands w/buccal tubes, and a couple power chains---you have my permission to scoff at my paltry showing, and khudos to you both oh Great Masters of More Metal.

(Neck muscles no kidding! How do you raise your head off the pillow?)
Braced 5-30-07 for 18-24 months
In-Ovation Uppers, Metal Lowers, TPA upper arch, Lower Lingual arch, no elastics.
100% Deep Bite, Crowding, Over Extrusion
BSSO & Genio surgery June 4th '08!


"Truth is a bully we all pretend to like." Gregory David Roberts -SHANTARAM

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#10 Post by smile2006 »

I am happy to say I lose this competition. I have 3 crowns, five fillings and a bonded retainer on three upper other metal (but I sure have had my share in the past). Good luck to all the contenders. :D

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#11 Post by Zondrae »

you guys make me seem like a lightweight! :D

I've only got:

4 molar bands
8 ceramics &
9 metal

no elastics right now.

As you can see I'm missing a few teeth!

Funny idea for a Christmas contest too - well done! :lol:

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#12 Post by scrap_metal »

WOW, so early in a race and we already have 2 favourites, Lisa and Rory, Neck 'n Neck. Any dark horses, outsiders comming up the field? :lol:

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#13 Post by HeyTeach »

I'm going to loose this one too.

12 self ligating brackets and arch wire on lower. Invisalign upper (and only 6 trays at that).

That's all.

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#14 Post by Lisa65 »

Rory is definitely a dark horse, I thought I would win this one for sure! He kept quiet about that lot.

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#15 Post by Delag »

:lol: I don't know if we can trust Rory - after all, he is a dental professional and could have added extra hardware just so he could win :wink:

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