Do you think babies notice braces?

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Do you think babies notice braces?

#1 Post by SapphireJen »

Weird question I know, but I am convinced that babies notice braces!

Whenever I see them, and there is a group of us cooing over the baby, the baby seems to always focus on me! I know that they can certainly recognise a smile or frown, I think they are looking at us wondering what those shiny things are on our teeth. HAHA!! Anyone else agree with me?

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#2 Post by gunter8888 »

I definitely think so. Our baby was born just before I got my braces (16 months ago) and he has always looked at them and often tries to touch them.
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#3 Post by regulering17 »

that's pretty cool. All I remember was that when I was younger I thought teenagers with braces were so cool..hehe like some people acctually do look good with them!
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#4 Post by MikeCordell »

My youngest has never seen me without braces! He is coming up on three years old and knows what braces are.

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#5 Post by Lisa65 »

I don't need an excuse to stay away from babies :lol: but you're right Meryaten, HG and babies definitely wouldn't mix!

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#6 Post by Spanner »

Babies are attracted to anything that reflects the light and moves or is bold and colourful hence why they always make a grab for glasses, jewellery, hairbands/slides etc.

Don't be a spoilsport Lisa, go on, hug a cutesy baby in your HG :lol:

I wonder if my dogs will notice mine.
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#7 Post by Lisa65 »

I'll stick to cats thanks :?

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#8 Post by sauerkraut »

I don't have braces yet, just the expander, but when my son was a baby he was transfixed by my protruding front tooth. Every time I smiled at him he would try to poke at the tooth with his finger. It gave me another nudge in the direction of finally getting my teeth fixed! :)

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#9 Post by braces138 »

my son was 19 months old when i got my braces.When I came home i showed him,and he didnt even care.He didnt even look at them strangely.

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#10 Post by TexasAggie09 »

I've noticed that about babies too! Over Thanksgiving I was meeting some of my boyfriend's extended family, and one couple had a baby a few months old- he just kept watching me and laughing! I didn't mind though :)

wired after 50
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#11 Post by wired after 50 »

I have noticed the same thing about babies watching my teeth. I have a 9 month old grandson who seems to be fascinated by them. He also tries to touch them.

My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter was disappointed when the pink ligs were taken off my braces. She with her little crooked front bottom teeth asked yesterday when she will get her braces.


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#12 Post by turrrtlelove22 »

I work at a daycare and I must say my braces do keep the children transfixed at times...the look on their face is hilarious sometimes. The preschoolers will say "I like your pink "bracelets"...or whatever color they are at the moment...

My sister has caught my nieces sticking rubberbands in their teeth pretending they have braces like auntie...LOL... :lol: :lol: :lol:
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#13 Post by Catmom »

I have proof that babies notice braces. My youngest Graddaughter (Madison, now age 2-1/2) noticed them the very first time she saw me with my "new look". She kept pointing at my mouth and wanted to touch them. Now that she can talk, whenever she here's my name, or talks to me on the phone, she says, "Auntie Sami got funny teef"!!!

There's also a little one at church who is almost 1 who is fascinated with my braces. She wouldn't smile at me for the longest time because all she did was stare at the metalmouth. I finally got her to smile last Sunday!

Miss Smiley
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#14 Post by Miss Smiley »

My 2 yr old nephew cared less about my braces and wanted to grab my new cell phone instead. My 5 yr old niece keeps asking how long I have to keep the braces on my teeth.
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#15 Post by braces38 »

my son was 18 months old at the time and he didnt even notice.He is 2 now and still doesnt notice.

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