A root canal can be done with braces?

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A root canal can be done with braces?

#1 Post by cf13 »

Hi guys!

Before starting the ortho treatment, I went to the dentist cause I have some issues with one molar, sometimes, I felt like a little spark pain with the bite and chewing.

He said I had a little cavity and get a filled done. But after that I still felt a little discomfort chewing, and also a bit of sensibility not chewing at all.

So he put a little brace on the molar with cement to see if it was a cracked or not, the cavity was not deep enough to cause the pain. I was a bit better, I could bite hard food with no spark pain, but I still feel a bit in the gum. But I thought it could be the little brace, it was horrible until I got used to it.

Also, he comment that maybe I will need a root canal in the future, he didn't seem very willing to do, and that the braces will protect the tooth like the little brace.

So they took off the little brace and get the measurements for the braces. I have the appointment on december 20.

But the other day eating cereals I felt the spark pain again. So now I don't know what to do. The pain is not so horrible, but now I'm starting to eat with apprehension.

Also I think I have a bit of sensibility, months ago I used a whitening tooth paste and the pain in the molar was so horrible I thought I had an infection. I went to another dentist and didn't have anything, it was just the toothpaste. Also with the cold paste they use on the later measurements I had an horrible pain in the other side of my mouth!

So if things get worse a root canal could be done with braces on? A root canal just before braces, could affect the treatment in any way?


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#2 Post by rsprouse »


Take something like a cotton ball similar and stretch it out and fold it over so it is slightly firm and it looks like a little log. The point is to make it look like a cylinder but has a little firmness. Place the cotton on the molar in question and bite down into it. Move it to different points on the tooth and repeat. You are trying to isolate your bite so that force is only on the molar in question. Note, a pencil or pen will work, but please don't bite too hard into it. If you feel pain when biting into it and it goes away when you release the bite then let me know.

The short answer is that any dental procedure can happen while in braces. Stuff happens in life and you have to deal with whatever is going on. It is a good idea to address any problems before you start orthodontic treatment. But if something happens while in braces it can be dealt with.

Good luck, I hope you feel better.


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