What rinse products do you use along with your treatment?

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What rinse products do you use along with your treatment?

#1 Post by Kat »

I'm using ACT floride rinse, but what about PLAX or something along that line?
Other than the brushed we use what are good protective products?

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#2 Post by nogota »

I use ACT at night and the listerine in the morning. I also use scope, but just as a breath freshener.

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#3 Post by markybwoy »

I was recommended a fluoride rinse during treatment. There's usually regular mouthwashes available that also contain fluoride so you shouldn't need to buy two separate products.

Mine is Listerine Tooth & Gum Defence - there's others, check the label for the fluoride content.

Don't overdo it. You can have too much rinse and too much fluoride. Similarly, Listerine is a very powerful antibacterial and I think it is an excellent product, but its not necessarily for everyone. It is a mild acid. If you are unsure, check with your dentist!

Your dentist will probably recommend different products for different patients.

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#4 Post by dubnobass »

I don't - my orthodontist advised me after brushing my teeth to spit out most of the suds, but not to rinse. This leaves a bit of sudsy residue which does the same job as a fluoride rinse.
I've been braced for 2½ years and have had no problems with cavities, tartar etc - seems to be working for me!
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#5 Post by lionfish »

My ortho said I'd be getting enough fluoride in the water supply and in toothpaste, but if I wanted to augment my intake I could do so. I bought a tube of something called tooth mousse - at some considerable expense - for this purpose, used it once and never again. There was nothing wrong with the stuff, don't get me wrong, and I had the best of intentions about using it regularly. I just didn't get around to it.

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#6 Post by Miss Smiley »

I use Phos flur, but everyonce in a while when I use mouthwash with alcohol in it like regular listerine or scope, I dilute it with some tap water.
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#7 Post by discomom »

I use ACT rinse that is cinnamon flavored. It's refreshing and has a bit of a bite, so I dilute it with some water.

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#8 Post by iBorg »

My ortho really wants her patients using Phos flur. So far my cleanings have been excellent so I guess it works for me.

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#9 Post by LilyU »

Our ortho gave DH and DS a tube of flouride to brush onto teeth and not rinse at night.

Is it possible to get TOO much flouride??

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#10 Post by rsprouse »

Meryaten wrote:I'm too much the cheapskate for Phosflur! I used ACT. Or, if possible, the Rite Aid equivalent as this was cheaper still ;)
Just different delivery methods of fluoride ions. Phosflur is great stuff, but so is Act. I use Act religiously and recommend it to many of my patients. Good stuff!! But technically toothpaste should be enough for most people. Mouth rinses are simply an adjunct to proper brushing and flossing.

Meryaten, generic rinses actually have a substandard fluoride so it is not effective. The additional cost of name brand rinses like Act get you the good ion so you have to spend the money if you want the protection and benefit from a rinse. Just a joke...... :lol:


Betty Bat
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#11 Post by Betty Bat »

I bought a tube of Aim Toothpaste at the local Dollar Store because I wanted a gel toothpaste for brushing my retainer (supposedly, the gels don't scratch as much as the pastes). It has a much higher fluoride level (0.8%) than any of the other toothpastes that I've looked at - others are in the 0.1 - 0.2% range.

Just FYI. Of course, it might be the substandard fluoride that Rory was referring to (that's fluoride joke #2)

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#12 Post by Zameera »

dubnobass wrote:I don't - my orthodontist advised me after brushing my teeth to spit out most of the suds, but not to rinse. This leaves a bit of sudsy residue which does the same job as a fluoride rinse.
I've been braced for 2½ years and have had no problems with cavities, tartar etc - seems to be working for me!
Isn't that dangerous? :Questions:
Fluoride is said to be more toxic than lead. :yikes: Like lead in minute doses, accumulates in and can be damaging to brain/mind development of children, producing abnormal behavior in animals and reducing IQ in humans, especially in conjunction with deficiencies of key nutrients such as calcium, iodine and vitamins. It can also contribute to many disease processes. Because it is almost as toxic as arsenic, fluoride's ability to play havoc in the human body should surprise no one.
Manufacturers of fluoridated toothpaste are required by the US government to put a warning on the package to get medical help or call Poison Control if too much toothpaste is swallowed. Although fluoride in toothpaste does not appear to be dangerous as long as it is not swallowed, children can easily swallow small or even large amounts of toothpaste when brushing their teeth. Even adults can swallow some if they don't rinse carefully after brushing.

I don't know but that's what I heard. :roll:

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