What causes wonky teeth?

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What causes wonky teeth?

#1 Post by cosmicgirl »

This question has probably already been answered (so I apologise if that's the case!) but, I have often wondered what causes our teeth to commit acts of anarchy?
Is it genetic? My father had overcrowding, but my mother has a couple of decent arches. As for my grandparents, well, they ALL kept their teeth in a glass beside the bed but as far as I can tell from old photographs, their teeth seemed fairly straight.
Is it to do with breast or bottle feeding? Would that have some sort of effect on how the tongue/palate develops?
Any enlightenment appreciated!

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#2 Post by rsprouse »

It is a complicated answer and nobody knows for sure. But genetics do play a role in development so it also plays a role in your "wonkiness". Oral habits during development as well as any interferences and bite issues will cause your teeth to shift over time. It is really a compensation of your body to deal with how you bite.


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#3 Post by platinum »

I read from somewhere that earlier times people ate harder food, so both archs grew at same speed. Not so much over/under bites. nowadays we are eating relatively soft food, and the bones are not challenged.

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