bendy do hicky and new Ortho (pics included)

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bendy do hicky and new Ortho (pics included)

#1 Post by bracesafter40 »

On my last visit to my Ortho a few things happened:

1). I got this bendy do hicky in my front wire: ... 97_mod.JPG.
I noticed it when it was too late to ask about it; after I was on my way out of the office. Why is the wire bent like that and what does it do, apart from look pretty :-).
2). I am changing Ortho as my old Ortho is moving to an office too far away from me, so I have to get a new guy who will be starting at my current office. Has this happened to anyone before? What usually occurs at the "first" visit with the new Ortho?
3). For the first time, she used two wire ties and one of them did not get a ligature put on it: ... 74_mod.JPG.
Are wire ties better? Anyone else have them?

And one more thing that happened two nights ago, well yesterday morning: I had an odd dream about getting a headgear;: ... dream.html. Anyone ever dream about their treatment?
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#2 Post by gunter8888 »

I had a similar bend in my archwires for a while. I believe it is just to designate the center of the wire. As soon as they switched me to stainless steel archwires they no longer had the bend.
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#3 Post by Lisa65 »

I had the most awful braces dream last night :? i've had one or two before but never this bad. I looked in the mirror and noticed that my lower archwire had gone soft like lead solder, and my bottom teeth had gone 10x worse than they ever were before getting braced, and were so loose that I could actually see them moving. :shock:

I can't get your dream link to work though!

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