Newbie due to get braces top and bottom

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Newbie due to get braces top and bottom

#1 Post by eybic »


My name is Nathan and I'm from Berkshire in the UK.

I'm 28 and have an open bite (front teeth don't meet, only 8 teeth meet to create a bite :shock: :roll: ) which has started affecting the way I eat so I decided to get it sorted out. About a year ago I was referred to an orthodentist to address the problem.

I have been told that I will need to have braces top and bottom for about 2 years and also having my jaw broken and reset in the "correct" position :shock:

Does anyone else have experience of this procedure?

I'm also slightly concerned about how the braces will feel and how people will react to me when I have them, they will be the normal metallic colour as they wont give me clear ones :cry:

Thanks for any advice.


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#2 Post by Lisa65 »

Hi Nathan

Over in the orthognathic surgery forum, there are any number of people who've had various kinds of surgery. There's nothing they don't know or can't advise you on, and they're a very supportive bunch.

Regarding your concerns about being a metal mouth. I agree that it's still uncommon in the UK to see an adult wearing braces. I'm 42 and also have full metals, but I've never tried to hide them, and I find that if I do get any comments (which is rare) it's people being interested rather than making fun.

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#3 Post by BobKitten »

Hiya, Nathan,

I was friends with a girl who had to have her jaw broken and reset for orthodontic reasons - the overall thing that came out was that she was really glad to have had it done in the end. It did sound challenging, but this site is so positive and optimistic, I'm sure the surgery forum will keep you smiling through

As for the metal mouth... I never really committed to getting braces for financial reasons, but the self-conscious thing was also quite an obstacle for me. One of the things that really convinced me that it wasn't just an adolescent thing was when I was in hospital for a viral infection and my very important neuro consultant came over - with a mouthful of metal braces! It didn't make him look any less authoritive or respectable, and I figured... well, if he's not afraid to get it done, even though he's "made it", there really isn't such a stigma attached to it.

Also, before I got the braces, I was becoming more and more self-conscious about my teeth anyway, beginning to hide my mouth more when I smiled and thinking that new people I was introduced to would immediately notice my crooked teeth. So, since I got mine (they're clear, but another of my friends got metal), it really hasn't been anywhere near the big deal I anticipated! Still looking forward to getting them off, but I haven't experienced any social awkwardness or shyness about having them - I'm proud to be taking these steps to get nice, even teeth :banana:

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#4 Post by TigerLily »

I am also in the UK.

I was told initially by my ortho I woul probably have to have surgery but by my third consultation which was after she'd studied the models etc, she said I could get 90% of the results without surgery. So I dont think I will have it, although we'll have a look at it later in my treatment.

Assuming you have managed to get NHS hence metal not ceramic but another UK member said that their ortho had let them buy the ceramics direct and fitted them.

I have only had my bottoms done so far (though I have got a horrid 'bite plate), I won't get my uppers done for 6 months. I was really self-concious about my braces but when I take my bite plate out, NOBODY notices my braces. Not just people being polite, I've been in all sorts of situations in the last week including with people I know quite well, including some who are let's say not the most sensitive people in the world..and nobody's commented. They even survived a conversation with my niece and nephew..about braces...!

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#5 Post by eybic »

Thanks guys,

I have been told that I am not "allowed" to get the ceramic ones, I'm guessing this is due to the surgery I need.

I'll have a look round the site.

Thanks Again.


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#6 Post by Kerry »

lookd like your in simialr position to me I have to have braces :cry: and im nervous because i dont want to look like geek of the week haha but im going to do it and just think about the end result. I will also be having lower jaw surgery as i have a anterior open bite/ overjet of 8mm and this cannot be correct with out surgery but im happy because i hate my profile my jaw is slightly further back and it makes my nose look bigger than it actually is.
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#7 Post by HeyTeach »

There is another UKer named Mark going through the process right now. His story is on the Our Stories thread. Forget about being geek of the week, and focus on doing something for your overall health. That's what counts.

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