How many times do you guys brush in a day??

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How many times do you guys brush in a day??

#1 Post by cullenal »

I am just wondering this because I know that over brushing is really bad for you but then I also know I have to brush everytime I eat and I can't help needing the odd snack between meals because I get really hungry! and even if its just a banana or something I brush again! So I guess I was jsut wondering how many times people uaually brush and what is Too many times?! I don't want to do myself any damage!! :cry: Thanks




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#2 Post by SnowSara »

My quick answer: twice a day.

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#3 Post by Brandyleigh35 »

3 times a day for me. Morning, after lunch, and before bed.


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#4 Post by TigerLily »

I brush 3-4 times a day. At home I use my Sonicare with toothpaste and follow up with brushing with mouthwash, then I rinse with mouthwash. One of those times(at work), I just have a brush, sometimes with toothpaste, sometimes not.

This is what I've always done (pre and post braces), and I probably overbrush. I use my Sonicare 2-3 times per brush (it has a 2 min cut-off so I put on again) or sometimes I use a baby brush which I use for 10-15 mins. It's probably overbrushing, but I've always been fanatical about brushing my teeth, I find it calming. My hygienist has commented on how clean my teeth are and couldn't believe I didn't floss. Though since I got braced last Friday, I'm now flossing. Well more often than before :wink:

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#5 Post by HeyTeach »

3-4 x a day

after breakfast lunch dinner and before bed if I've had something other than water since last brushing, and then I'll do a fluoride treatment.

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#6 Post by lionfish »

Same as Brandy.

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#7 Post by BobKitten »

2-4 times a day, too.

once after breakfast definitely, once after lunch usually, once before bed (with flossing) definitely, and if i go out for any meals with people (or have to use service stations when driving anywhere), i like to make sure i've brushed with a baby toothbrush to feel comfortable in company.

when i was younger, i got a bit obsessive about brushing, the side-effect being that my gums started to wear away slightly at the side. dentists still notice, and occasionally i'll experience sensitivities to hot and cold, but i'm very conscious of being careful with my gums now - and am much less ferocious with my brushing!! I've found that using an electric toothbrush worked well in cleaning thoroughly, but gently - and i love the little interdental brushes for getting rid of food too!

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3 times a day ............ :-}

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#9 Post by mihaelici »

Time for me to pop up with an answer.. well, the first 2-3 weeks I brusehd my teeth after every meal or snack.. and being at work, it wasn't fun at all.. now, I make sure I clean my teeth really well in the morning and before I go to sleep.. during the day, a lot of rinsing, sometimes brushing as well, depends on what I eat, or where I am located.. but I don't make it a tragedy if I don't brush..:)
I'm using a toothbrush with soft pores, but thinking of trying an electric brush..

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#10 Post by Quirky Girl »

3 - 4 times per day. Once in the morning, after dinner, again before bed and depending on what I had for lunch, sometimes after lunch. I also use a water pik after dinner and floss and use a floride rinse before bed.

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#11 Post by danish »

3 times a day with a medium-soft brush and with the main cleaning at night before I go to bed (incl. floss and the little brush that looks like a X-mas tree to reach the spots where the brush can reach).
I cut down on the snacks on purpose because I don't like to have stuff in my mouth. Don't miss snacking really. During the day I chew gum. It's a special kind sold here in Denmark called 'V6 dental gum' that does not stick as much as the conventional gum sold everywhere. It also contains flouride and carbamide. I know that some if not most dentists do not recommend chewing gum because it sticks to the brace and can bend the archwire etc. However, gum is the one thing that I cannot live without and so far I haven't had any problems.
I try not to brush too much (more than 3 times a day) as I tend to overkill (brush too much) and thereby brush the gums off! :? Gums don't grow back once they have been brushed off, so one has gotta be careful but still maintaining a spotless dental hygiene :thumbsup:

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#12 Post by danish »

...add to this that chewing gum also increases saliva flow which again helps prevent cavities (it should be a sugarfree gum, though! :wink: ). We brace people definitely don't like cavities as this may prolong the orthodontic treatment considerably :-(*

metal braces on: 4 Oct 2007
Tx for: crowding
debonded on: 24 Jun 2009

total treatment time: 629 days

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#13 Post by Carolinahigh12 »

well it all depends on what I eat during the day...for example, if I eat sweets or drink soda, then I brush maybe 3-4 xs per day. Or if I have a meal with bread in it, then I have to brush immediately after ( or I will be spitting out chunks of bread all day). so it all depends on what the meal of choice is for lunch or if I snack all day long while at work




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#14 Post by KathyC »

I haven't had my braces very long, just a little over a week but I have been brushing about 3-4 times a day. I do my major cleaning at night including flossing and a flouride rinse. I have a water pik ultra that I use after breakfast and after dinner. I carry my Dentakit to work and do a quick rinse and brush after lunch.

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#15 Post by katmc_tx »

When I had my braces on I brushed after each meal and each snack. I would use my waterpik before brushing and I would floss every night. This would take up a lot of time but I figured I was spending all this time and money on my teeth and I did not want to get any cavities from lack of care. Having said all that I had a cavity on my lower left seven and had to redue a filing and get a crown on lower left six. :roll:
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