Anyone talk for a living?!

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Anyone talk for a living?!

#1 Post by BracefaceJenn »

I'm an operator...and boy do I slur a lot more now. Makes it quite difficult to speak quickly and clearly. Anyone else feel that way?

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#2 Post by BracefaceJenn »

Hi Kiwi - Thanks for responding. I can't believe my orthodontist never, ever told me that hydration was was never even mentioned. Thanks for that. I didn't even know! =) Ianswer roughly 500 calls per day (hospital) and I just get tired of people saying "I can't understand you!", although I can understand myself with minimal interpretation =) Yeah, it's worse at the end of the day, for sure. Thanks for the water tip - I need to be more into water anyway.

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Talking for a living.

#3 Post by GabeMc »

I work in inside sales, and make my living on the phone. Monday, I had top braces and a bit plate put in. I am having a rough time of it so far.

But I have found if I slow my speech down I do better.

Good Luck! I am sure it will get better!


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#4 Post by iBorg »

I fully agree about the hydration. Of course if I drink beer to stay hydrated I go from a lisp to a slur....

Seriously, I found salt water rinses helped with my speaking. They seem to make my brackets slide better along the inside of my mouth.

Another secret is to sing loudly in the car by yourself. Two appointments ago another adult was getting a bite plate and complained about her speaking and I suggested the singing trick. At my last appointment, I got a new bite plate (number four) that is significantly larger than any of my previous ones. I complained about how hard it was to talk with it and the hygienist smiled and suggested I sing in the car. :)

It will get better.

I wore braces (this time) for 1294 days or 3 years, 6 months and 17 days.
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Thanks for praying for me and thinking happy thoughts.


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#5 Post by discomom »

Jenn, I will let you know after Monday. I get my braces that day and then we shall see. 8) Lori

Katie A
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#6 Post by Katie A »

:D Ditto for what all the other posters said. I'm an academic and clinical instructor at a state university and I talk A LOT all day long to students, clients, other professionals on the phone, etc. Speaking will get easier over time and with practice, but those who said hydration is important are spot on with that remark. My mouth becomes so dry if I don't drink enough fluid and it makes my mouth sore and my speech worse.

Soon no one will know the difference with your speech as you get better at pronunciation your mouth learns to adapt to the braces.

Good luck to you!
Katie A

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#7 Post by HeyTeach »

high school teacher...yuppers, just what everyone has said. Slow down, hydrate, and get used to it.

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#8 Post by KriegeR »

I'm an analyst programmer by trade, but I do a lot of customer support by telephone. As a result I've been told to take 6 weeks off work for recovery, because speaking with the elastics on is next to impossible! However I've offered to work from home for 3 weeks of those 6.

I've never really though of how my voice might have changed afterwards! I know my large open bite caused me to lisp quite a bit, so I wonder if it will have fixed it. I certainly know I'm biting my tongue a lot more now! ;)

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#9 Post by Higgy »

I wish I could say the same.....Just braces was fine with speech.....One-sided elastics was a bit more difficult, but with 3 elastics on either speech is very lisped/slurred sounding....when I have to preach, I take them out....(NOTE: my orthodontist knows this and accepts it).



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#10 Post by BracefaceJenn »

Thanks for all your responses! It's nice to know we're not alone. I am trying to drink more water - it's helping. Problem is..I can't slow down...I have Dr.'s barking orders at me all day and expecting speedy speech. Oh well! They'll have to live with it =)

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#11 Post by Seaholly »

I used singing and reading kids books aloud. Espcially ones that rhyme. The books really helped after I got my bite splint. Plus it's fun to have an excuse to read Dr. Seuss again. Good Luck.

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