Orthos in montreal- HELP

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Orthos in montreal- HELP

#1 Post by ss07 »

Hi i was wondering if any of you in the montreal area could recommend good orthos i am having some problems finding one. I am looking for orthos using the latest techologies and want minimum treatment time
any help would be greatly appreciated
thanks! :o

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#2 Post by timsmith »

Hi SS07,

There is no magic bullet in terms of time, I was told by the first ortho I saw in Montreal, West Island that my initial treatment would take 6 months then a jaw surgery and six months to finish. The next one I saw said 9 months to a year then surgery, the last one said 12 to 18 months then surgery. The first one said Speedbraces would be fast, the second said for max speed she would use computer produced custom brackets and wires for max speed and the last one said self lig brackets for the bottoms and what you like for the tops.

Reality, I believed the last one the most and felt that he was in control, ie no lab in California dictating how the treatment would go and the first guy I dismissed as not credible. I am now at 6 months and the bottoms are still being levelled, the self lig brackets are the same as speed braces. So far i have had wire changes at every appointment (every 5 or 6 weeks) and I do not think it could have gone any faster.

PM me for my ortho if you are interested in either a West Island or Laval location.


Clarity ceramic uppers, In Ovation metal lowers, 18 by 25 archwires and powerchain on top front 4

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#3 Post by ss07 »

thanks for the reply
can you give me the name of all three orthos please i would really appreciate it!

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Ortho in MTL

#4 Post by BARRY MILLER »

Dr. Patrice Pellerin in Lachine only uses clear brackets on ALL of his patients . He is the best.

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