Day 3 of top braces

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Day 3 of top braces

#1 Post by blazestriker »

Hello all...I'm new here as of today.

I just had a tooth extracted and braces put on my top row of teeth on Friday. I just turned 42 on Saturday. Happy Birthday to me! I truly thought that this would never happen and had resolved myself to live with crowded teeth for the rest of my life but my karma must have been due. I spent the weekend living off ibuprofren, scrambled eggs and soup. I'm anxious to get advice, comments and anything else you nice people have to offer me as this is all new to me. My mouth and "tooth hole" is still very sore, which is the only bummer in all of this since I absolutely love to eat!

Anyway, I'm going to post some pics soon and will read some of your stories to catch up with what's happening here. I'll be posting regularly since I want to learn and share as much as possible with others who share my experience.


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#2 Post by cwatt1 »

Welcome, Blaze!

Great to have you here. I've posted a more lengthy response in the Bracket Club section.

Much success to you!


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#3 Post by SarahLu »

Hi blazestriker!

Congrats on getting braced, i got my upper and lower braces last Thursday - the day before you! Im still have problems with soreness too, i had 4 extractions and the tooth holes are al still tender. My advice for this is to listen to KK on this board and do lots of salt water rinses as they help to soothe and heal the mouth. I have been doing them several times a day and also make sure u rinse and clean thoroughly after eating to ensure that food does not get caught in your teeth sockets (this happened to me and i got an infection - not nice!)

Good luck with your journey, look forward to seeing your pics!

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