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TLB in Minneapolis
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#1 Post by TLB in Minneapolis »

I've had my braces for about 3 months and have seen moderate changes, especially on my lowers which were quite crowded. Anyways, throughout the last two months or so I haven't had ANY discomfort or pain associated with my braces and I've even had new thicker wires put on. I am so glad because I've heard people say their teeth ached after adjustments and mine never have.

Is it normal not to have any aches or pains? I guess I'm lucky! :lol:

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#2 Post by Lisa65 »

If you've felt nothing at all, then I definitely envy you :D I've never had anything I couldn't handle pain-wise, but I've had days when eating solid food wasn't an option because my teeth were just too sore. I've always had an achy day or two following an adjustment, so if you've not even had that, then lucky you! :D

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#3 Post by iBorg »

Pain is relative. My ortho swears I want her to hurt me as I keep on pushing her to do more and move the treatment along. As far as pain, I've had tender teeth but real pain. Not yet! Excuse me while I cross my fingers and knock on wood.

I wore braces (this time) for 1294 days or 3 years, 6 months and 17 days.
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Thanks for praying for me and thinking happy thoughts.


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#4 Post by jf74 »

You are not the only one without a lots of pain :)

I had my braces for a month now and no real pain. Some discumfort, my front teeth are a little bit tender and sensitive, but that's it. Nothing that stop me from eating what I want or to enjoy life. Pain-wise I admit I was expecting a lot worse. It's all the other little annoying thing with braces that affect me, but it get better every day.

Hopefully I get no pain in the future either :)

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#5 Post by cwatt1 »

No real pain here either -- just mild discomfort.

Let's consider ourselves fortunate :!:


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#6 Post by mikecl »

I've not had any real pain either - there have been times where the teeth have been tender and eating has caused a little discomfort but I was expecting a lot worse.

From my limited experience (3 months and counting) it's definitely the soft tissue inside your mouth that gets the worst of it so follow the advice and remember hydration, hydration, hydration !



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#7 Post by babyduck »

I think my disappointment was that everyone assured me that the spacers were the worst of it....and I reallllly didn't feel that way. haha It wasn't in the worst pain of my life (I've been through pregnancy and childbirth, afterall...which wasn't the worst pain, either...a kidney infection while I was pg was probably the worst), but it was certainly a different pain than I'd prepared myself for. The soft tissue of my cheeks and lips has never gotten sore, but the pressure on my teeth put me in a funk for the first couple of days.


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#8 Post by platinum »

I have found the whole braces thing very painful. Spacers were agony, my teeth ached after putting braces and after adjustments. I did not expect so much pain.

I am wondering why some people do not feel pain and some do. Is it the personal pain tolerance or how tight the teeth are on the bone?

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#9 Post by Carolinahigh12 »

well i have had my braces for three weeks and havent felt any discomfort, ulcers or random sores. Havent used was but one time and i got fed up with it and now dont need it :)




Clairey Fairey
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#10 Post by Clairey Fairey »

Same!! Woohoo!!

The only time I took painkillers was after an extraction.

Spacers and elastics ached a bit for a few days but thats it. Nothing unbearable :D

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#11 Post by mbarbi »

worst pain i experienced was when my molar bands were put in. :(

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#12 Post by Rainy »

On day 2 here and no pain either, some discomfort when I eat, but more a awkwardness then anything else. I have one tooth that hits a bracket when I chew so thats about it. I do have some soreness on my cheeks where the prongs are on my brackets but those are waxed up.


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#13 Post by jackie100 »

I have had some pain after the bottom wire was put in, I actually had a bad headache the next day but I found out that massaging my neck and shoulders relieves my head and somehow my tooth pains as well from the wire...

The soreness to me from eating is no big deal, I can deal with that easily by soft foods.

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