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#16 Post by timsmith »

I started at 48 this March, big 50 next June and hopefully by then heading for completion. After 5 months I can say it's no big deal but I wish I had started earlier. Anyway, the second 50 years will be with great teeth and no headache's!!


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#17 Post by iBorg »

I started this a few days short of 48. I had hoped to be wire free for my 50th. My ortho and I changed treatment plans and I really don't know (or care) how old I'll be when we're done. As long as I have less TMJ and grinding issues I'll be happy. If I have a nice smile I'll be ecstatic. I figure that will be around 52. (Of course I don't feel that old most of the time)

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#18 Post by Clo »

Héhé Rainy,

"43 here and getting mine on next week."

is exactly what I would answer here. Kind of a second timer though braces-wise.
I posted about this here last week.

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#19 Post by HeadgearJoe »

looking at the big 50 in oct, maybe finished this month however
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#20 Post by joney »

Got my brace a few days before my 42nd birthday. Hope to have them off before I'm 44.

Sounds like it might be party time for you KK in October.
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#21 Post by SandraJones »

I'm happy to see other over-40's here. :-)

I am 46 and getting braces again in 2 weeks ! I've got the separators in place right now. I had braces as a teen, started out with a palate expander and a pronged torture device to stop tongue thrusting (didn't work). Anterior open bite persisted until I had a Le Fort I procedure at age 19. I was given a sh*tty retainer after braces and never wore it (was a mouthguard type thing which I had to bite into 2 hours each day ! I wouldn't even use it now as an adult !), so my teeth slowly and steadily went out of alignment. I am actually very happy to get braces again even though I know it's going to be a PITA ! SO good for us who aren't afraid of some pain and inconvenience in order to have nicer teeth and better bites. :-)

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#22 Post by KathyC »

I'm 47 and I just had a consultation with my Ortho yesterday. My next appointment will be a records appointment for X-rays, pictures, etc. I'm so glad to see that I'm not alone.

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#23 Post by Abell »

I first went to see an orthodontist when I was 37 years old. After some procrastinating, I went back at 41 and 2 days before I was to have 2 teeth extracted, I backed out. When my son got his braces off and I saw how great they looked, I decided it was now or never. I'm 48 and started treatment in June. I went with Invisalign which I was told in those early days, wasn't for me. I'm hoping for that great smile before I reach 50.

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#24 Post by Andantae »

I got braced the 2nd time around on my 47th birthday in May. THIS time around I hope to correct a number of issues which developed over the years, but especially to address my major underlying problem which is a 100% overbite. I'll be having a BSSO sometime within the next 12-16 months.

I, too, am excited to finally have a nice smile without compromised results! :D

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#25 Post by sugarplum59 »

I started the process in October 2006 at 47. If all goes according to plans I should have them off by March 2008 at the latest...which would be around my 49th birthday.

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#26 Post by ellebee »

I'm closer to 50 than to 40. Woohoo! Elle
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wired after 50
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#27 Post by wired after 50 »

I turned 52 the month after I got my braces. I wish I had done this 40 years ago. It has been less than 4 months and I can not believe how far my teeth have come. I had the wires off for a few hours last week so I could get my teeth cleaned and for the first time since I can remember I did not shread the dental floss!!! Funny how the little things excite you. :lol:

Tin Indian
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#28 Post by Tin Indian »

I just turned 54 years young in July. Had braces put on in September 06.
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