Clubbing or Drinking with braces...

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#16 Post by jf74 »

Nobody asked for my id since I got braces but everybody think I look younger, I take it as a compliment.

Most people still assume just teenagers get braces so when they see them they remove a couple of years from your real age.

Always nice to look younger, one of the few perks of braces :)

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#17 Post by babyduck »

Well, I say, it's hardly the worst problem in the world to have. I'm 26 years old (27 next month) and I've got a young son (he'll be 3 next month) and I've had people mistake me for his babysitter and even give me evil glares...I'm assuming because *they're* assuming I'm a young teen mom. And all this happened long before I got braces. I was even signing into a singing contest earlier this summer (again, pre-braces) and the woman told me I'd need my dad's signature. It just so happened that my dad was there as my musician, so dummy me asked him to sign the paper. He caught onto the mix-up and told the lady that she probably didn't him to sign it, afterall (in my defense, I really thought she needed it since he'd be playing the guitar for me...but it was still a Jessica Simpson moment for me) and she asked me if I was 18. I was like, "Uuuuh, yeah....and then some!" lol But really, I'm not offended at all (except for when those troublemakers give me grief just because they think I'm a teen mom) because I know they mean no harm by it.

I've only been braced for about a week and a half and, so far, nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I would think that the braces are just "confirming" in people's minds what they were already thinking, anyway, and that's that I'm a high school aged girl. I've definitely been accused of worse!

As long as you keep your ID accessible at all times, then it doesn't matter how old anybody thinks you are. I've seriously had store clerks fold their arms, rock back on their heels, and look at me like, "You must be joking," when I've purchased beer for my husband, but so what? It's a legal, legit ID, so there's nothing they can do about it. I have a friend whose husband is 32 and he was carded for an energy drink the other day LOL...and my husband gets carded for lottery tickets at 29 years old. Just don't feel singled out and be hopeful that, in a few years when you actually *want* to look younger, you will :).


Check out my braces story for pics :-)!

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this is too funny - id me please :)

#18 Post by metalchic »

This is a funny subject since this has just started happening to me. Just this last Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to Red Lobster. While waiting for our table, we went to the bar for a beer. We both ordered a beer. The bartender handed my boyfriend his beer and looked at me and said "Oh I'm carding you". I just laughed because I am 35!!!! HA. I love it. I asked her if she truly thought I was not 21 and she said it was "iffy" and she just had to be sure.

Never had this "problem" before braces.



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#19 Post by jackie100 »

If it were me I wouldn't even open my mouth to talk to the bouncer, I don't see why you would have to talk to him at all? Just flash your id.

People don't notice my braces a lot because I never smile. It has nothing to do with my teeth, I'm just not one of those happy smiley people, I'm a moody person by nature.

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#20 Post by cwatt1 »

... make the most of this time ... it won't last for long ... and you'll be looking back and wishing you'd enjoyed it!
As Ken Says -- Ain't that the truth!:lol:


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