Just got back from my records appt

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Just got back from my records appt

#1 Post by SideKick3QT »

Everything went so fast. First the Xrays, then my facial pictures thenn the molding. I got the watermelon flavor which I actually liked. They didnt put both trays in my mouth at the same time (which I wsa worried about) but it went by smoothly. No gagging or anything. My next appt is July 5th to discuss the treatment my ortho wants to give me. Im excited! The downside is my wisdom teeth are growing in sideways (I have been having headaches everyday for over a month so I need them out!) and during my first visit he said he will most likely want 2 upper and 2 lower molars taken out before any treatment begins. Oh the pain!!! Did any of you need this??

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#2 Post by Miss Smiley »

I had all my extractions done at once. I get to keep my 3rd molars but my 1st premolars went bye bye. It wasn't bad, it only took 9 minutes.
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#3 Post by Carolinahigh12 »

On my first visit to my new dentist he suggested 2 things: 1. consult with orthodontist and 2: consult with oral surgeon to remove upper wisdom teeth.

One of my wisdom teeth had a chip in it which was causing some cold/heat sensitivity. It was position too close to my gum line to do a root canal and it was very hard to keep cleaned and flossed. My first consult was with my ortho who decided to wait and do records until my wisdom teeth were out. I then had a consult with an os about my wisdom teeth and scheduled an appt for 1 month later to have both uppers removed. About 2 weeks after my wisdom teeth had been removed, I had an appt with the ortho to do molds and xrays. Then another 2 weeks passed before I had a consult with him again to go over treatment plans and appliance options. During the in-between time I went ahead and had my teeth cleaned and checked for cavities, a full mouth debridement, and a flouride treatment ( which had to be done before I can get braces anyway). During the consult about my treatment plan, I was told that I would not have to have an expander (yeah!!) but I will need to have a lower tooth removed and another would need to be shaved. So I have another appt with my dentist to remove the tooth, then a week later to have spacers put in, and then a week after that I will be fully braced. It is a long wrong that I have traveled ( starting in March and wont be in braces until July 26 :( ), but it is well worth it to get it done right the first time.




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#4 Post by mindykatz »

I had to get all 4 of my widsoms out (one was growing in sideways AND pointed downwards and was laying along the nerve. Since I got them out, I havent had ANY headaches, and its been about 5 weeks). I also had to get my lower 2nd bicuspids pulled. I swelled up and ate so much pudding that I'll probably never touch a Snack Pack again (lol), but I survived!

The worst part about getting the teeth pulled for me was that eating is a lot more difficult because the extraction holes hurt for a little while even if they are healing well...and then I got braces on top of that!

You'll be ok! Its not the most fun thing in the world, but its not completely terrible! :thumbsup:

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#5 Post by Thathrill »

I had mine taken out about 9 years ago. My bottom ones were a pain in the you know what. lol The would prevent my mouth from closing sometimes, swell, cause pain, etc. The top ones, while not causing pain, were starting to grow into the adjacent teeth. I went in for a consult and they were all extracted the next day.
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