So where is everyone from, how old and braces?

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#31 Post by flipib05 »

14. Idaho. Done with braces for 3rd time. :D :(

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#32 Post by Nervous »

23, 1st time in braces and I'm from Northern California :)

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#33 Post by mikecl »

34 year old male from the Isle of Man (home of the greatest road races in the world, the TT)

No braces yet but initial consults underway.

Upper Ceramic Brace - 11 May 2007
1 Extraction and Lower Ceramic Brace - 13 July 2007
2 x Elastics - 9 April 2008

Story so far... ... c&start=30

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#34 Post by jess214 »

20, female, from Hong Kong.

In braces for the first time since November 28, 2006.
braced w/ ceramic brackets & wire ligs - 28th Nov, 06
debanded! + Essix retainers - 5th Nov, 08


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#35 Post by Willz »

23, female, Adelaide Australia

Patricia S.
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#36 Post by Patricia S. »

23 year old female, New Mexico now but originally from Colorado. Braced for the first time March 21st 2007! :D

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#37 Post by candycin »

I am 32 from Ontario Canada and I am almost one month into my 2 and half year adventure

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#38 Post by sarahann77 »

30, female, first time in braces - metal, from Cleveland, OH

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#39 Post by Graceful58 »

45 yo female from Southern Arizona, second time, 1st time was early 20's, in spacers right now, pallet expander top and bottom in three weeks, braces and surgery down the road.
Lower Jaw Advancement & Mentoplasty- Dec 31st...Happy New Year!!!


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#40 Post by fitchick »

40yrs, another one from Hampshire in the UK. Braces on in June 2006 for 18-24mths.
Jun06 Lower brace on
Aug06 Root Canals completed
Mar07 Upper Brace on
July08 Braces off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#41 Post by timsmith »

Male, almost 49, originally from Hampshire UK, then Kent, now in Montreal, braced for the first time on 15th March 2007.

Clarity ceramic uppers, In Ovation metal lowers, 18 by 25 archwires and powerchain on top front 4

Clairey Fairey
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#42 Post by Clairey Fairey »

23, Leicester, England - Ceramics for 15 months:-)

Seems likes theres a few people from Hampshire on here!!

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#43 Post by slender »

33, Female. Philippines. Braced since July 1, 2006

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#44 Post by Dovechild20 »

27, living in Phoenix, AZ about to move to the DC area. I've been braced since Sept. 29, 2006.

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#45 Post by skyclad »

Why are you moving from AZ to DC? It certainly can't be the heat... :D
When you win, nothing hurts....Joe Namath

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