So where is everyone from, how old and braces?

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So where is everyone from, how old and braces?

#1 Post by bracesafter40 »

Male, Houston, TX USA, 41 and in braces for the first time.
We should be able to plot a map when done.
Bridge Sectioned: Feb. 14, 2007
Last Pre-braces cleaning: Feb. 20, 2007
#21 Extraction: Feb. 20, 2007
Sentenced: 32 months
Top Braced: Feb 28, 2007
Bottom Braced: Apr. 4, 2007
New Ortho on Apr. 25, 2008
May 6; fluorescent blue ligs incl. upper powerchains. 2 elastics; Sept. 2, 2008.
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#2 Post by TheShmo »

Female, Little town in the middle of nowhere New Mexico, USA, 25 years old, braced for the second time on March 7th 2007 (the first time was when I was at the beginning of 6th grade) with traditional metal braces - upper and lower.

I like this topic... will give me a better idea of who I am talking to (sometimes it's so hard to figure out online... I often make the mistake of calling men "she" or vice versa :oops: hopefully this will help lol)

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#3 Post by Pepper »

15; female; midwest, USA; braces for the first time.

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#4 Post by chillin-in-grilz »

18, Female, Canada
Brace Free February 17th, 2009

Braces January 29, 2007

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#5 Post by ABraces2007 »

23, upper and lower metals, braces for the first time.. my problem was barely visible when i was a teen, but then my wisdom teeth pushed them all, Spain (Costa Blanca).

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Location: NSW, Australia

#6 Post by sashamax »

Female 42 North East NSW, Australia
Braced for 1st time March 2007

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#7 Post by Ives »

44, Male, SLC Utah.

Hey Shmo, I grew up in Grants, you from around there anywhere?
Braced March 1st 07

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#8 Post by becks »

34, Savannah, GA Braced for the 1st time March 2007

Shmo & Ives, I lived in Tucumcari for several years!
Braced ~ March 13, 2007



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#9 Post by loulou123 »

Im 27 from Hampshire in the UK and was braced for the 1st time in june 2006. :D

Braces on 11th June 2006,~ BSSO and Wisdom tooth removal 11th February 2008,~ Plate Removal 14th May 2008,~ Braces off 28th August 2008.

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#10 Post by cally »

44 yo F, from Texas, second time in braces. Currently in spacers, to be in braces on 4/24.

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#11 Post by mhiemstra »

I'm a Dutch girl, but am living in Singapore currently (Expat Child).

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#12 Post by KatK »


I'm 24 from PA.... this is my first time braced. :-)
~ Pendulum on December 1st
~ Damon lowers March 27
~ Palatal Bar installed May 22nd..
~ Damon clear uppers May 22 too!

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#13 Post by SnowSara »

I turn 28 next month, am a girl, live in Colorado and got braces for the first time on Feb. 1, 2007

edit: and I kinda look like my avatar, sans headgear, but always smiling in my braces!
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All Metal Uppers and Lowers - brackets placed with OrthoCAD

Braces on 2/1/2007, Removed 2/13/2008, now in Essix retainers.

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#14 Post by Lisa65 »

41 female UK here, in "proper" braces for first time (had a removable type brace in my teens)

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#15 Post by jennandtonic »

21, from Oklahoma, got braces for the first time Feb. 2006.

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