flossing alternatives?

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flossing alternatives?

#1 Post by jabberwocky »

Isn't there some kind of water power flosser or something?
I just got my braces yesterday (more about that later, things are going well as far as i can tell) and i just can't really fathom flossing that way. I mean, it just seems it will take forever and with advances in orthodontic technology there just has to be some other option. At least, I would hope so...
I want to do this braces thing right, but that doesn't mean things can't be easier.
maybe i'm just being lazy.

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#2 Post by KatK »

Hi there! Congratulations on being braced!

Sorry, there really is not alternative to flossing - it has to be done. The water thing you are talking about is a water pik. GREAT for helping to get out small pieces of food stuck in your brackets/wires. I usually use this after brushing/flossing to get the rest.

Flossing really does get easier once you get the hang of threading it under the wire. I was just braced last week.. it's been about a week and a half now. At first I thought everyone was crazy when they said that it becomes easier, but it actually does, I PROMISE! :-) It would be a big mistake to stop flossing because of not feeling like it. You can do it! :-)

Good luck!
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#3 Post by timsmith »


Stick with the flossing, I use a threader with standard floss, it was taking me 20 minutes + to begin with, after 3 weeks I am now under 8 mins complete.

I am really looking forward to a wire change sometime so that I can just have a minute to do a normal floss!!


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#4 Post by allasmom »

I use a WaterPik after eating -- it's great for blasting out all that stuff that not even hard swishing with water will budge -- and floss every night. Well, up till I had the surgery. I've just gotten back into the habit of using the Pik again, and flossing was difficult for quite some time after my surgery, because not only did I have sutures and open gums, but both top and bottom were incredibly sore and sensitive for several weeks.

I've tried the super floss (precut floss with one stiff end) but found that the little flossers they gave me at the ortho's office the day I was banded work the best. Flimsy blue plastic things that look like a giant needle and regular floss.

I know some sisters whose ortho told them it was impossible to floss with braces, and they just used a WaterPik, and somehow made it through with no cavities. I wouldn't recommend it, though. Like others have said, it gets easier as you get more proficient. :D

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#5 Post by SnowSara »

I really like the Oral B Super Floss, it has a built in threader and a spongy section for cleaning in between your hardware, and of course a regular floss for between the teeth. My local drugstore had it!

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#6 Post by becks »

I 2nd the floss snowsare recommended. Some floss shreads SO easily. It's had enough to floss without the floss shredding up on you, don't need that!
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