lipstick with clear braces?

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lipstick with clear braces?

#1 Post by mmh »

new to braces, three weeks so far, and I quickly discovered I can't wear lipstick with the clear braces (on top teeth, metal on lower) as it rubs off and then stays on the clear braces! Then they're pink (or whatever) colour! Any tips on 'can you wear lipstick with clear braces'? I know this is a ridiculous petty query, but I usually wear lipstick to work all the time, so I look really weird without it (oh, yes, and the braces too). Any ideas, or is it just lip gloss for the next 12 - 18 months?

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#2 Post by ame_malia »

Well, I have metal braces, not clear, but I haven't had any problems wearing lipstick and keeping it off my braces and teeth. Maybe you shouldn't apply it so far towards the inside portion of your lips. I can't really think of what you could be doing to get something from the outside of your mouth to the inside of your mouth. But, of course, perhaps its harder with clear braces than metal. Sorry I couldn't be of more help :)


charlotte T
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#3 Post by charlotte T »

Yeah, this does my head in too!! I trained as a beauty therapist and therefore am used to wearing full make-up every day and I hate not wearing lipstick/gloss.

My braces have been on for about 2 months now and I've noticed that it doesn't happen as much, maybe because I have become more aware and a bit more careful. At first though, I carried a really small travel toothbrush and just quickly went over the front brackets that had any lipstick on and that worked really well at removing the lippy and was discreet!! Although as mentioned, not applying so much in the centre helps along with the old finger-in-mouth trick!!

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#4 Post by susieq182 »

you could also try a lip tint with clear gloss over it. also the finger in the mouth trick works really well. cant be of much more help as i have all metal, but those are tricks they tell you even if you dont have braces to keep lipstick off the teeth.
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#5 Post by jennielee81 »

Might I suggest using one of the "semi-permanent" types? I used them the first year I had braces. They were a little drying, but I kept applying gloss over them and I had NO PROBLEMS.

Later on you'll be able to go back to the regular stuff. I never find it on my brackets any more. ... ndex.jhtml
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#6 Post by jcdamon3 »

after you put your lipstick on, with your finger, rub around the inside of your lips to make sure you don't have any color that can rub onto your brackets. It should work in addition to the other recommendations given above.
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#7 Post by Kat »

Yep, Revlon Colorstay.
That's all I use and nothing else.
You apply it and let it dry keep your mouth open for a minute so it dries.
If any gets on your brackets just let the lips dry and brush the color stay right off it doesn't stick to the braces for some reason.
I NEVER have a problem.

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#8 Post by mmh »

Thanks so much for all these ideas - I'm going to go and buy some Revlon colourstay lipstick plus travel toothbrush tonight so I can wear it tomorrow! Christmas functions coming up too, so this is perfect timing. Thanks again everyone for your replies.

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#9 Post by Lyn »

Do you know what is worse than it being on your brackets................the lipstick being on your retainer!!! :twisted:

I am currently wearing the Essix (invisalign type). I now have the problem of the lipstick staining that - and rubbing off onto it all day long!

I TOO am going to go get that permanent stuff!!! :D

Can't go a day without my lippy!! :lol:
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#10 Post by rmwolf83 »

Mmh I use a range of lipsticks and glosses from expensive to cheap and haven't had a problem with it coming off on my ceramics.

After I put lipstick on, I always put my finger in my mouth and close my lips on it (gently), then remove my finger. Any excess will come off on your finger and is easily removed. I was told this hint many years ago by a beautician, as a way of making sure that no lipstick/gloss gets on your teeth and it continues to be a great one!

Good luck! :banana:
I do the finger in my mouth trick too...I've done it for years and it's never let me down. I can't stand the color stay lipsticks, they make my lips ridiculously dry, so I keep away from them. I wear whatever lipstick I want and then I just use the trick that KK explained so well. So simple!


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#11 Post by Eleni »

I do the index finger pulled slowly through an O shaped mouth as well! Works like a charm.

mmh, it also has to do with the fact that your lips have slightly changed shape as they sit over your new braces. This subtly change has thrown off how you apply lipstick. You'll get the hang of the new shape in no time.
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I have the lipstick!

#12 Post by mmh »

Hello everyone - thanks again for all your great suggestions - I went out and bought the Revlon Colourstay, and yes, it worked. I felt like a new person wearing lipstick again, really good. I'm nearly four weeks into this adventure, (ceramic upper, metal lower) and although I'm counting the days, I know the end will be in sight eventually (surgery in 6-9 months - upper and lower, and then braces for a further 3 - 6 months, which could of course be much longer, it's hard to say after only a few weeks! But that was my ortho's prediction, which I'm clinging to, of course). Thanks again, I'm finding this site a real help and very reassuring to see how other people cope with what I'm facing.

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Re: lipstick with clear braces?

#13 Post by xlilithx »

This forum has everything. I Googled this exact question and you guys already have it covered! I've got two Christmas parties this weekend and was worrying about wearing my fave lipsticks (especially Mac Instigator, which had a habit of getting on my teeth even before braces) - plan to give all of these tips a try, so thanks!

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Re: lipstick with clear braces?

#14 Post by kmarie »

If you are talking about Invisalign then I suggest wearing matte lipstick that's what my friend wears with her Invisalign and it seems to work pretty well for her. Hope this helps!

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Re: lipstick with clear braces?

#15 Post by littlething »

I used to never wear lipstick, but have started as my teeth have straightened out. And yup, in the beginning, I used to get it all over my brackets! I've been using the finger trick as mentioned above, and it works like a charm. Also, some brands stay put better than others. (Another Revlon Colorstay fan - and I like the Super Lustrous ones as well, as they don't dry out my lips so much)

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