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#16 Post by nvcarissa »

Oh my! Does that bring back memories. I was so sore I couldn't even bite pasta with my incisors!

This too shall pass.

CSI Vegas is best of the three, but sweetie and I watch CSI Boobiami (oops - Miami) just for the camp. (What could be better than making fun of a red-headed, mascara-wearing, white guy who thinks he is God's gift to the world?)

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#17 Post by Metalat36 »

NinjaNoodles wrote:Day two: SOMEBODY KILL ME.
I'm on day 4 and couldn't say it better. Thank God for the person that invented wax. I still can't eat solid food. :cry:

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#18 Post by iBorg »

A trivia bit about ALF (real name Gordon Shumway), he was going to be a dentist. "With only four teeth how hard can that be."

Most of the episodes are available on DVD. My eight year old is hooked on it. Still believe its a better show than CSI.

I wore braces (this time) for 1294 days or 3 years, 6 months and 17 days.
But who's counting?
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Thanks for praying for me and thinking happy thoughts.


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#19 Post by OctoberMM »

I can hardly eat. Today's meals have been a random sampling of what I can and can't have - i.e. spending 5 minutes on a single chip.

I hope it only gets better from here.

The current favorite is milk and cookies, although SpaghettiO's are a close second.

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#20 Post by nico07 »

lol! Alf-a relic of the '80s. What a weird show, now that I remember it!

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#21 Post by ghostmyimag3 »

Just wait, i've had mine on a week and i have scraped up lips. I have wire ligatures and they like to come away from my tooth and scrape my lips before i can make it back to my dept to push it back to the tooth.
Plus im thirsty all the time. I can't get enough to drink. And it takes me 45 minutes to do my nightly cleaning routine. Oh and don't forget the 2 hours it takes me to eat a sandwich ha ha.
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#22 Post by PrincessMelody »

ahhhh, the sweet beginnings of the world of braces :lol: I feel you 100% It is NOT fun. But it gets SO much better. You will be able to eat a chip in 30 seconds instead of 5 mins. I remember the day two feeling... I wanted to die too.

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#23 Post by OctoberMM »

Day 3 is actually a little better.

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#24 Post by OctoberMM »

ddgjkasdgladhdrh Never mind.

Just accidentally hit a tooth with a spoon, feels like day 2 again.

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#25 Post by wonderstuf »

Hang in there, it gets better! Have a milkshake in the meantime :)

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#26 Post by i!i! »

Day 1 for me hurt the most. Maybe that's because I got them on early in the morning. Days 1-2 hurt. Day 3 slight pain. Day 4-7 sore. 3 weeks in and I still can't tear food.

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#27 Post by i!i! »

double post

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