First adjustment

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First adjustment

#1 Post by WeezieGirl25 »

Hi everyone!!

Just wanted to share that I got my first adjustment today! woo hoo! and it went alot better than expected!! I got a new wire put in already and a powerchain put only on my two front teeth (my expander made me develop a gap). I'm ok for now but I can definitely feel that powerchain pulling on my two front teeth. I'll get my bottom spacers Nov 27 and I'll be braced on my bottoms on 12/4 and get my expander taken out!! Geesh, feels like I just got these things put on a couple weeks ago and it's almost been 2 months!! :wink:

Sweet L
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#2 Post by Sweet L »

Hi WeezieGirl25!

It's nice to heat that's everything's going ok! Congrats for your first adjusment! :thumbsup:

Good luck!

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#3 Post by i!i! »

does it hurt to get the new wire put in?

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#4 Post by WeezieGirl25 »

Hi i!i! !!

The new wire didn't hurt initially, but now that it's the day after, my teeth are definitely sore... nothing I can't handle though. My front two teeth are the most sensitive right now since I have that powerchain on them. I asked the assistant how much stronger this wire was and she said only a tiny bit stronger than the one I already had on. A couple advil and in a few days I'll be back to my normal self

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#5 Post by juf_84 »

Hey WeezieGirl!

Great to hear your adjustment went well. A power chain? I'm so jealous! I have to wait until adjustment number three for that!

Not long until your spacers... the time will fly!
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Loving it!

Pirate Wench
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#6 Post by Pirate Wench »

:wink: Not nearly as bad as you were thinking was it?!?!?! :wink: I know I was thinking the worst too for my 1st adjustment. I was actually loosing sleep about I look at it and I feel very silly. :oops:

Keep up the good work and enjoy the ride! :thumbsup:

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