orthodontic treatment in another city

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orthodontic treatment in another city

#1 Post by ravencarn »


I am new to this message board, but I would like input on a certain situation.

I need to get braces, and was also recommended to get jaw surgery, which I am not sure about as I do not have insurance now, nor will I for a while, and I would really like to get started on the braces.

I now live in Brooklyn, NY, but my father is telling me that I should get an orthodontist 5 hours upstate, where it would be much cheaper.

Although I 'd love to pay less, doesn't it seem like a bad idea in case of emergency situations, wires poking out etc.? I would hate to have to take the 5 hr Greyhound ride in the midst of a painful situation.

I am also wondering if anyone has had experience with functional appliances, which was my original orthodontic treatment. As I was not a very happy, or responsible adolescent, I didn't wear it enough, and I don't think I finished the treatment. Now they tell me I'll have to have 4 teeth removed anyway.

Any input would be helpful.

Thank You,


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#2 Post by rsprouse »


There are many different ways to accomplish the same thing. Some people prefer extractions, some prefer surgical approaches, some prefer a mixture, etc. You will get different options and different ideas to treat a problem. There is no one way to correctly treat a most orthodontic conditions, you have to decide the pro's and con's of each and go from there. Your potential ortho should discuss all options with you and answer any questions.

Personally I think traveling 5 hours for an ortho appointment is ridiculous. I have no idea what your time is worth to you. But lets say you go for an adjustment every 8 weeks. We will be VERY conservative here and your treatment is 78 weeks (avg is 78 - 104 weeks). You are talking 11+ visits at a minimum and more likely 15 if everything goes well. Even if it is 4 hours round trip that is investing 44 hours in travel at a minimum. Plus the inconvenience of getting ready for the trip and any delays that may happen. That plus whatever travel expenses will quickly add up unless you have somebody subsidizing the cost. I would guess that you would not save that much by going to the 'sticks for treatment. You have to decide what your time and convenience are worth to you.


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#3 Post by Ronsie »

I agree with Rory. I've just had my braces for 1 month but it has involved numerous trips to the ortho/dentist--braces placement, extractions, extraction follow-ups, bent wire, etc... I can't imagine it would be worth the cost. Good luck!

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#4 Post by juf_84 »


I'm a bit of a different situation but I will end up travelling a round trip of 7 hours to see my ortho soon, and I think it's completely worth it!

I'm at uni at the moment, and my ortho is where I go to uni. One of the big reasons for me deciding to go ahead with treatment was that I liked him so much. In 6 weeks time I'll be finishing uni (yay!!) and heading home and I'll continue to see him. My appointments are generally 8-9 weeks apart and I haven't had any emergency appointments yet (touch wood!). One of the reasons is that my lovely ortho bends the wires for me before he puts them in so I haven't needed to have my wires clipped like so many do.

There are many reasons that I don't want to swap over to an ortho at home. I saw one a few years ago and wasn't particularly impressed- well not enough to actually begin treatment with him. I would also prefer to stick to one ortho for the duration of treatment- he knows what's happening with my teeth and knows what's coming up in the future. However, I will have a chat to him when I see him next to see what he thinks.

Of course, if you have the opportunity to see someone in your town, who you are happy with, stick with them! Like I said, my situation is a bit different.
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#5 Post by KJNELLAMORE »

I would go to NJ or LI long before Upstate. But honestly.. I highly doubt the price difference is that much. We're not comparing an upscale, Manhattan Orthodontist to a boonies one here. Brooklyn is a 'normal' borough where plenty of normal, middle-class people live.

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#6 Post by SwsMiss »

Could be worse...I'm traveling cross country every 8 weeks to see my ortho 8)

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#7 Post by TumbleDryLow »

I personally would not travel 5 hours for orthodontic treatment. As stated above, you need to factor in the cost of your time. I would do some consults both in your area and upstate to find out the real cost difference. You may find it to be negligible, and the convenience of an ortho close to home is worth some extra cash in my opinion. Good luck.

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#8 Post by SwsMiss »

I'm still paying full price but I REALLY like the Ortho I have (one of the top rated in the nation) and knew from day 1 I would be traveling to the appointments.

If you love to travel it is not a big deal at ALL to hop a flight every few weeks. Many bi-coastal families do this (even with children).

I am my own boss so I don't really need to worry about that. My Ortho has Saturday appointments and he doesn't choose what time we come...WE make that decision so my appointments will be at 4:00 PM.

I think quality over cost/timing is WAY more important. :)

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Upstate does not mean cheaper

#9 Post by vjammiez »

KJNELLAMORE wrote: Brooklyn is a 'normal' borough where plenty of normal, middle-class people live.
Like me!! :D

Frankly, the price difference is negible but more importantly, it should take more than price to determine the best ortho for you. So keep researching the orthos in your area and do a few consultations before creating a long term, long distance relationship with someone you will need to see a lot more often then you think! :wink:

Good luck with your decision!
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#10 Post by SwsMiss »

I'm in the US :)

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#11 Post by roost22 »

Meryaten wrote:Wow, and you're traipsing all that way for treatment! Honestly, where I am, I could walk out of my front door and spit, and depending which way the wind was blowing, it'd would hit any of over a dozen different orthodontic offices! OK, so I exaggerate, but there are more than 18 orthos within four miles of my home, and at least 13 of those are Diplomates (and this includes the former President of the AAO). Nice not to have to contemplate travelling more than five miles, to get top class orthodontic care.
Ditto that, I can't see traveling across the great old US of A to have somebody make my teeth hurt. Seems a little bit extreme.
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#12 Post by Florella »

I travel 3 hours away for my orthodontic treatment. Not because the price is cheaper, but because it's the only place I can get it done. It hasn't been too bad for me, I guess it just depends on how many problems you have in between adjustments. Personally, I haven't had many problems, but when I did, I went to my regular dentist and he could usually fix it, like clipping a wire that was poking out, reattaching a loose bracket etc. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I think most dentists have at least a little bit of training in orthodontics.
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Re: orthodontic treatment in another city

#13 Post by BracedSurgeryStudent »

I don't have Insurance and I was suggested to have double jaw surgery but opted out of it after going to the consulations. I travel 3 hours to get my orthodontic work. I had an emeergency, my wire broke and popped out in the back and stabbed my cheek and nothing I did helped it. I called them and they told me just to snip it until the next appointment. Trust me it is deinfatly worth going the extra hours to get the treatment done.
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Re: orthodontic treatment in another city

#14 Post by Maeraj »

The inconvenience just doesn't seem worth it to me personally! Also, have you considered time and travel costs?

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Re: orthodontic treatment in another city

#15 Post by BracedSurgeryStudent »

Maeraj wrote:The inconvenience just doesn't seem worth it to me personally! Also, have you considered time and travel costs?
For me it takes three hours and my mother and father bring me and I pay them 20$ for gas and my orthodontist knows so she gave me Damon Braces and less visits to her :) there is nothing that could be too much of an emergency. If the office is closed they'll let me page her for something I cannot do myself or do not know how to. I think it is definatly worth it, in plus I plan on going away to college to finnish Junior and Senior years near her place next year.
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