Why didn't my ortho change or even tighten my archwire?

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Why didn't my ortho change or even tighten my archwire?

#1 Post by 6asterisks »

Hi guys, I'm pretty new on the braces scene, only had them on for a month.. :D

Last week, I had my first tightening. Before that, my friends told me to expect a lot of pain since it would the first and the feeling when I first put the braces on would come back. However after the procedure, I didn't feel a thing at all & was very happy . when I told them in school, they were quite shocked. As we conversed deeper, I realised that my ortho didn't do stuff that theirs did - Changing the archwire. Some said it's fine but he should at least 'tighten' the wire... which my ortho didn't do either...
he only changed the ligatures.. I asked a friend of mine who went to him too, he said that he experienced the same thing [no tightening] and only changed the wire after 6 months.

i've been obsessed about this problem.. Why didn't he tighten my archwire?? I really feel like calling him to ask but I fear it might insult him in one way or another.. I know it's just my 2nd month but I need assurance.. Please help me!!

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#2 Post by 6asterisks »

Thank you very much! :)

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#3 Post by Zondrae »

Hi there, it sounds like you & I got our braces around the same time. I've just had my first adjustment too. I didn't get new wires either, the first ones still had a lot of "spring" left in them. My ortho said we will change them next time (in about 7 weeks). He changed my top ligs because they were stained. He put 3 new wire ties in place for more activation. And he clipped the wires at the back that were sticking out.

Other than that, nothing. My teeth have been a tiny bit more sensitive but not really more painful. The wire ties are exerting more pressure in different places than before.

So I wouldn't worry - it sounds like things are going fine to me :D

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Thanks for explanation

#4 Post by Julie08 »

Thanks for the explanation, KK! I had the same experience - bummed because not much happened at my first 5-week appointment - and I wanted something drastic to happen like during the first week I had braces - the first two days I saw/felt movement. Since my 1st five-week appt., I've felt no pain and seen no real movement so was worried nothing is happening. Glad to know that everything is probably OK - "no pain, no gain" doesn't always apply to orthodontics!

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