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#1 Post by TimSeattle »

D-Day (Deband Day) is getting nearer. We are planning, if everything goes well, to remove my braces this month. I've been in braces for two--count 'em--years. My teeth are straighter, my bite corrected, and my profile has significantly changed. I am pleased with the results and look forward to the next stage.

Anyone who has been recently debanded who would like to share any Heloise's Helpful Household Hints with me for this stage of braces?

P.S. I've been a member and an off-and-on participant on the forum for over two years, but have been inactive in recent months. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer (I'm 57) in March and had surgery a week and a half ago. Thankfully, the cancer was confined to the prostate so I need no further treatment. My recuperation from surgery is going well and I feel a little stronger every day.
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#2 Post by fitchick »

Hi Tim,

Firstly, I'd like to wish you well with your recuperation and I wish you good health for your future.

Secondly, Have you been counting the days to those 2 years? I'm right at the beginning of mine, so it's always good to hear from those at the other end of the journey to great teeth and the perfect smile. I can't obviously share what to expect on the next phase, but wanted to wish you well on both counts.

My very best wishes,

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#3 Post by Dark_angel »

I bet your glad to be having those braces off, anyway i read an article today that may have some use to you.


Good luck with it all.


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#4 Post by lionfish »

Good luck with everything, Tim.

Prostate cancer can be beaten these days and the fact you've had surgery must give you an excellent prognosis.

I'm way off the debanding stage, so can't help on that front.

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#5 Post by Chris »

Welcome back, Tim. :D :thumbsup:

Good luck with your debanding! The countdown begins.....

lucky you !!! Photos, Photos, we want photos! :gavel:
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#6 Post by ssfw »

Hi Tim,

I'm glad the cancer was caught early and that your surgery was a success. I'm happy to hear that your recuperation from surgery is going well.

I have only had my braces for about 6 weeks so I can't give you any info./advice about debanding.

I just wanted to wish you well and hope you have a speedy recovery.

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#7 Post by TimSeattle »

It cheered me to get back to the board after watching a televised baseball game tonight to see the responses to my post. Thanks! I read article about pomegranate and its cancer-fighting effects. I plan to adjust my diet to help prevent a recurrence of cancer, although it appears that the surgeons got it all.

Regarding my thoughts on the early days/weeks/months in braces: I was very uncomfortable with braces at first and thought, What have I gotten myself into? I soon adjusted to them and they were no big deal.

I think the hardest part of my ortho treatment was the Quad-Helix upper expander that I wore for about 5 months. I had to learn to speak again and slurred my words, slobbered saliva and felt as if my tongue was in jail.

Other than that the experience has been positive. Each visit to the orthodontist was a milestone on the road to straighter teeth, a better bite and an improved profile. Frankly, at my age (57) I likely would not have gotten braces had it not been to save my teeth from prematurely wearing out from a bad bite. My wife had braces about 10 years ago (her teeth are gorgeous) and was a big help in dealing with braces.

If the orthodontist told me at my next visit that debanding would have to wait awhile, I would be disappointed, but only slightly. To sum up my braces experience: the pain and inconvenience are small in comparison to the enormous benefits.

To those of you in early treatment, hang in there. It will be over before you know it and you'll have lifetime benefits of a good bite and a beautiful smile!

P.S. I can't leave without telling you one prostate cancer joke. Nowadays many prostate removal surgeries are done using nerve-sparing techniques if the cancer has not spread. This often allows an active sex life. Here is the joke.

"A guy wakes up from surgery to remove his prostate and his first groggily asked question is , "Doc, were you able to spare the nerves? The doctor replies, "I've got good news and bad news about that. The good news is that we were able to spare the nerves. The bad news is that they're under your pillow."
"Every tooth in a man's mouth is more valuable than a diamond" Don Quixote

Braces On: 5/2004
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#8 Post by lionfish »


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#9 Post by Attagirl2 »

Hi Tim. Glad to hear you will soon be free of your braces and that things are better concerning your cancer. You will probably have the biggest grin on your face when you look at those pearly white teeth! :D
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#10 Post by eaglesoaring »


HI!! I just had to post! I am so glad to hear that your surgery was successful! I can't imagine what you've been through. I am very happy for you. :D

Thanks for the encouragement to all of us getting started...that means alot. I mean, here you are, going through some pretty rough stuff, and you took the time to give us some pearls of wisdom, and thoughtful encouragement! Not to mention a pretty good joke! Thank you!

Warm thoughts and prayers sent your way!

Pirate Wench
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#11 Post by Pirate Wench »

Good to hear you are recovering from surgery well. I am sorry to hear that you had to go through such an ordeal. I don't have any experience with debanding (I just got banded about 2 weeks ago), but I just thought I would send you some well wishes! :thumbsup:

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#12 Post by Joanna20 »

Hi Tim. I’m glad you got over cancer, the closer I’ve had to that was a tumor and I had surgery last February, now I need more surgery in September to get rid of the rest. It can be devastating.
I’m happy that you are on the countdown to D day. That’s awesome. Could you post some pics for us if you have time? We just love them :D .
Take care,


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