Post Your COVID-19 Orthodontic Stories or Concerns

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Re: Post Your COVID-19 Orthodontic Stories or Concerns

#16 Post by LittleTooth »

My late March appointment got cancelled and I didn't see my ortho before early June. At least I was lucky I had my teeth cleaned in late Feb. If that delay didn't happen my braces would have been removed in early June. Now I have to wait until late Aug. I don't mind as I'm used to delays thanks to my ankylosed premolar. I'm thankful that they were able to start seeing patients that soon. It could have been worse. I consider myself lucky that my braces are getting removed during the summer, because if a 2nd wave arrives, who knows for how long they will be closed again.

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Re: Post Your COVID-19 Orthodontic Stories or Concerns

#17 Post by vampirefangs22 »

I believe that the pandemic definitely caused delays in my orthodontic treatment. I probably would be in Hawley retainers by now if the pandemic didn't cause a 6 month delay between my March 5th, 2020 and September 11th, 2020 appointments. It also caused my scheduled expose and bond for April or May 2020 (can't remember which month exactly) to be moved to October 2020.

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Re: Post Your COVID-19 Orthodontic Stories or Concerns

#18 Post by lefortfort »

I worry about getting pre-surgery braces again and being stuck with them because the surgery might keep getting postponed. Or paying for the surgery and having to wait for months/years.

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Re: Post Your COVID-19 Orthodontic Stories or Concerns

#19 Post by bigopenbite »

I chickened out of my lefort 1/BSSO, the price: an extra 1-2 yrs in braces, and the addition of headgear. So far I am glad to have skipped the lefort.

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