gingival recession + braces treatment

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gingival recession + braces treatment

#1 Post by toto21s »

Hi everyone, an opinion on my case? (sorry for the english.)

I would like to recover the teeth from the bottom for aesthetic reason after having messed up a first orthodontics. I also suffer from a gingival recession at the bottom. My bottom teeth are very advanced with respect to the bone.

Two orthodontists told me that if we were better aligned with the bone, the gum could come back and that it was better for my "balance" (but I do not see what it refers to). But another person told me that it would not change anything to bring them back. No improvement at the gum level. To make room, I am offered either to remove 4 teeth or to file teeth.

An orthodontist talk to me about lying the 4 front teeth. An orthodontist worried about the little length of my teeth. Another wants the opinion of a parodontologist to find out if I can have orthodontics.

An orthodontist tells me that the most delicate device for my easily irritable and painful gums are the plastic gutters. The other two say it does not change anything.

What do you think ? Does you like the placement of the teeth from the bottom to the front can make sure that the jaw has a little too backwards?

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Re: gingival recession + braces treatment

#3 Post by toto32 »

there is nobody ?

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Re: gingival recession + braces treatment

#4 Post by djspeece »

None of us here are really qualified to comment; it does sound as though you have a complicated case. I'd recommend that you consult with a periodontist about the gum recession, and perhaps get an opinion on the risks and benefits of braces in your case. Braces aren't for everyone, and you don't want to do more damage. Best of luck to you.

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