SARPE Jaw Surgery and braces at 41 years old

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SARPE Jaw Surgery and braces at 41 years old

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I’ve been wanting fix my teeth since I was about 16 years old. Now at 41 years old I’m finally in a place where I can afford the braces and the one, but possibly two, surgeries required. SAPRE first, then braces, then Le Fort I to correct cross bite if necessary in the final stage.

I’m scheduled for SARPE on April 1st, 2021, and I am scared. I’m not gonna lie. I’m just plain anxious about the entire damn thing. I haven’t had a chance to build trust with my surgeon, and every visit to their office has been a bit strange. I blame COVID to some extent for creating barriers to normal interaction, but I just feel like their attitudes towards my concerns are so dismissive, like this is just no big deal, people get jaw surgery everyday! (I don’t!)

I know it would be helpful for me to hear or read positive affirmations from others experiences with SARPE or upper jaw surgery.

Some questions:

Did any of you who’ve had jaw surgery of any kind get prescribed a sedative the night before or morning of surgery? I feel like this might ease those final moments. I know I’d have to clear it with my anesthesiologist.

For SAPRE, I read something about how the surgeon should not cut the pterygoid plates because it increases bleeding risk without benefit. Is this an absurd thing to ask my surgeon about? I feel so ridiculous. I’ve already asked a lot of questions, of my orthodontist, and two or three oral surgeons over the years.

I’m worried about absurd things, like bleeding to death, or having a stroke, or not waking up from the anesthesia. None of those outcome are desirable! I recognize and have been told they’re extremely unlikely. But when you’re scared, statistics are of little comfort to your lizard brain!

Despite my somewhat irrational fears I’ve been moving this process along and getting things scheduled. It’s just so real all of a sudden. It’s on my calendar!

I’m a pretty healthy guy for 41, but I did just find out I do have mild sleep apnea despite being lean. I’m hopeful the surgery can help widen my sinus cavity for better nasal breathing. I’ve been medically cleared for surgery, but still it’s gonna be a long 5 weeks of waiting if I don’t find some ways to put my mind at ease before surgery.

Anyway, if you’re sensing what I’m going through, and have any advice on how to cope. I’d love to hear it! Thank you so much!

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Re: SARPE Jaw Surgery and braces at 41 years old

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Welcome to the board! There is a subforum devoted to surgery, at viewforum.php?f=15 . You can also use the forum search function as well, and that will probably give you some good insights. There was a member named SirWired who was a real guru when it came to oral surgery, and you can also search for him. I am not sure you can IM members until you have made 7 posts, so be sure to start posting! Best of luck to you -- I fortunately have not required SARPE, so cannot offer any particular insights.

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Re: SARPE Jaw Surgery and braces at 41 years old

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Thank you for the advice!

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