Metal or Ceramic?

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Re: Metal or Ceramic?

#16 Post by AgBraceFace »

I’ve had both. Several years back I did ceramic. Ever had staining problems but now that I have all metal for my second round, I do think they are smaller (than I remember) than ceramic brackets.

As far as noticing all metal, my coworkers took a few days actually to even notice, and no one has made a big deal of it. I think I did more than anything. I went with all metal at the recommendation of my ortho and to save some money. I was hesitant but happy with my decision. I went with silver ligatures at first but will branch out next week at my first adjustment and do a color.

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Re: Metal or Ceramic?

#17 Post by HappySmile123 »

First off congratulations! This is a big step. I just got mine on at 58 years old and this is my first week. So the very young dental tech sat with me during my consultation and explained metal, ceramic, clear, and how fun it will be and colored bands. I could tell she hasn’t dealt with many adults receiving braces, I wasn’t a 13 year old. Lol. So on my day of getting braces, a different dental tech explains what the procedure will be she fills my mouth with gadgets to keep my teeth dry, mouth open and whatever. Dr, comes, spend 20 minutes putting on braces. Well I didn’t get cute bands, I got springs and bite brackets and full metal on the bottom and clear on the top and spacer... So I am not sure what your teeth issues are just know your doctor may put on what you need not what you think you maybe getting.
He said I will never need bands, or headgear. I was told ceramic brake easy so go with metal or clear brackets. Whatever you get embrace it, be blessed your fortunate enough to get this done.
Keep us posted on what you get and happy smiles to you.. also get some coconut oil for your lips, it’s a lifesaver..

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