Bite off/ teeth not lining up

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Bite off/ teeth not lining up

#1 Post by TrainWreck »

I am an adult in my 9th month of braces and every adjustment seems to make my bite worse. None of my teeth are lining up correctly and I don’t think the back molars are touching at all.
When I try to chew, it’s awkward and sometimes the front teeth hit each other on edge. Mostly feel the premolars and first molars hitting heavy and incorrectly. Is this normal to be 9 months in and my bite to be this off??
I realize my case is different than most (teeth were straight before braces and I am only in braces bc dental work last summer, lost/ messed up my bite) but I just want to see if anyone else in braces experiences this and if it is normal and I am just not dealing with it as well as everyone else.

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Re: Bite off/ teeth not lining up

#2 Post by ivorynectar »

I had absolutely the same experience.

My bite was pretty good before I got braces. The rest of my teeth were terrible though. In order to get the front teeth correctly rotated and lined up, they had to move my back teeth.

Like you I was worried that now my bite was wrecked. Forever. I asked my ortho about it and she’d say ‘no, it’s fine.’ It took me awhile to figure out that meant ‘fine for where we are at in the process.’

It was pretty close to the end before I felt like my bite felt ‘right’. So don’t worry!

That being said, it’s always good to talk to your ortho and express your concerns. But I am fairly certain that with braces things get worse before they get better!

Best of luck- just try to keep the end result in mind. It is really worth all of the discomfort and stress! My teeth look so great! I am really happy I did it!

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Re: Bite off/ teeth not lining up

#3 Post by djspeece »

I agree with Ivory, above. My bite wasn't bad at all prior to braces, but once they were on eating became a real adventure. My bite was messed up for the entire three year period. In the last six months, things started coming together (finally!) and at the end my bite was perfect, or nearly so. I was afraid to use some teeth, as they seemed ready to fall out -- OK, they were a tiny bit wobbly, but still. I began to identify with my 80 year old patients who only had a few good teeth, and whose mealtimes were interesting, to say the least (I'm an RN). Have faith in your ortho, be patient, and experiment with new ways to chew food! Best of luck to you.

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