Post Your COVID-19 Orthodontic Stories or Concerns

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Post Your COVID-19 Orthodontic Stories or Concerns

#1 Post by bbsadmin »

With many areas of the world going on some form of lockdown, orthodontic patients are being told that their appointments and procedures are being canceled. Some dental offices are closing and people can't pick up their next sets of aligner trays, or get their adjustments done. In fact, the ADA (American Dental Assoc) put out a press release today recommending that all elective procedures be postponed. And the AAO (American Assoc of Orthodontists) canceled their huge annual meeting/trade show which was supposed to be in Atlanta in early May.

How is the Coronavirus pandemic affecting you? What are you concerns, as an orthodontic patient? Post your stories, humor, frustrations, or questions here!
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Re: Post Your COVID-19 Orthodontic Stories or Concerns

#2 Post by djspeece »

Great idea, Lynn. And can you imagine dealing with teenagers who are due to get their braces off, but must wait? Double whammy for parents.

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Re: Post Your COVID-19 Orthodontic Stories or Concerns

#3 Post by Nozzelnut »

My ortho said emergencies only.

Call them and they might be able to walk you through some things that can help without being seen at the office. With all the ortho work I've had done; I haven't had any emergencies. I've had some uncomfortable bracket issues and some breakages but nothing too emergent.

BUT do not get any work done if you are experiencing and signs or symptoms; fever, cough, shortness of breath or have possibly been exposed to someone with the virus... That would be incredibly irresponsible. Not to mentioned they're working right where this virus is transmitted from...

The dental assistants and orthodontists have families they need to go home healthy to.

(I would not expect to get anything done that created high particulates like grinding or drilling...)
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Re: Post Your COVID-19 Orthodontic Stories or Concerns

#4 Post by Jethro »

I was notified by my ortho’s office that they would be closed for at least the next 2 weeks and hoped to start rescheduling appointments the 2nd week of April. I greatly appreciate their concern for the welfare of patients and staff, especially since close interaction seems to be a primary method of transmission for COVID-19. Will keep you posted.

Wishing everyone safe passage through the current health crisis.

All the Best,


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Re: Post Your COVID-19 Orthodontic Stories or Concerns

#5 Post by Carno »

My orthodontist sent an email out this morning saying his office will be closed until May 8th. I was supposed to get braces put on the first or second week of April, but obviously that won't be happening now.

They are seeing patients for emergency work only, due to the state mandating closures for all medical and dental offices.

I will be seeing my oral surgeon once a week for post-operation check ups, but he told me that his office is closed to everyone except the four people that he operated on last Monday.

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Re: Post Your COVID-19 Orthodontic Stories or Concerns

#6 Post by quickredfox »

Belgian in braces here. We're officially in (semi strict) lockdown since 18th of March. All non-urgent dental care appointments have been cancelled, since the available medical masks do not offer enough protection. Lockdown was announced until 5th of April, but has been predictably extended until April 19th, likely again until May 3rd. Who knows what will happen after. I'm guessing the curve + hospital capacity will be reassessed and if it's looking good some slight loosening of the measures will temporarily be allowed so people don't get too antsy. No idea if orthodontic care will be part of that.

My ortho called to move my March appointment to April 24th, but I'm guessing it will be postponed again. Lookin' pretty gross right now, not-so-clear top braces with - frankly - yellow powerchain on top :) So far I've been keeping busy at home (kind of enjoying it in a way), but from next week my classes will be resumed online. With webcam, awesome.

Whenever I feel like complaining, I think about how I could be way worse off. Hope I can pick up some elastics soon though.


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