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#1 Post by Mich698 »

Hi! I’m a new to braces, only had them for 1 month.

So, I use to have bad problems with my teeth(cavities,plaque,tartar). Does anyone else get paranoid about having to brush right after eating, and getting anxious when u wait a little? Also, does anyone else get paranoid about what they eat? For example, I wouldn’t eat anything acidic like tomatoes sauce, ketchup, apples, etc

I wanna know if I’m not the only one... thanks

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Re: Paranoia

#2 Post by Kalia »

Obviously it's different if you're already prone to having problems with your teeth, but when I had my lingual braces in, I never brushed after eating, never flossed, and ate any foods I wanted. I just used an interdental brush to poke out any bits of food that were stuck in the brace after meals, and spent a good amount of time thoroughly brushing my teeth once in the morning and once in the evening with a manual toothbrush. My orthodontist always told me that my teeth looked very clean at every appointment, so I assumed that unless he ever said there was a problem, that I could just keep up what I was doing.

I see it's a been a month since you posted - how are you feeling about it now?

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