I need to be honest...

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I need to be honest...

#1 Post by Bracie »

Hi all,

I have had my lingual braces for around a year now. I moved to the city so I just do not see my dentist anymore, am looking to find a new one where I am. I have competly neglected my elastics (Due to other reasons)...can I resume treatment?

I am so upset and frustrated - I am scared they won't work.

I got the braces when I was young, so I just did not care as much - obviously, as an adult it's different.

Thanks, sorry it sounds so erratic, I am just so worried.
I am too embarrassed to tell a dentist the truth of the neglect of the elastics.

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Re: I need to be honest...

#2 Post by silverr11 »

I think theyll resume your treatment, have you on elastics again but it will take you longer than the original plan to finish.

Im on my braces for the second time also, totally refused to use anymore elastics because theyre straining my gums and caused me some recession. My ortho just went with it and agreed to wait untill next time, if my teeth relapsed theyll use them again but lets hope they wont :?

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Re: I need to be honest...

#3 Post by assertives »

If you are still in braces, the ortho may not be able to continue with the existing system (brackets and wires), and may need to fit you with the system that they use. Their treatment may not necessarily be an exact continuation of what the treatment plan of your other ortho was, and they may choose to do things differently.

You can find a new ortho to start treatment with at where you currently are. What is done is already done, don't worry about it too much, nothing you can do about it. Just make an appointment to consult a new ortho (or two) to see what his or her treatment plan is and take it from there.

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