Decision time- Invisalign or Lingual

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Decision time- Invisalign or Lingual

#1 Post by chinglnc »


I have seen 3 orthos, did extensive research and now I am down to two options; Lingual or Invisalign

INVISALIGN: Ortho 1 (treated 500+ patients with invisalign)
1. £3000 CHEAPER than lingual
2. Less speech problem in comparison to lingual

1. More visible than lingual option (especially with the attachments)
2. Be more self discipline and wear it religiously

Lingual: (treated 200+ patients with lingual, also an instructor of lingual)
1. More invisible compare to Invisalign

1. £3000 more EXPENSIVE than lingual
2. More significant speech problem
3. Braces are still visible if open mouth wide (and I am short)

I have read cases where invisalign patients switch to lingual and it's always due to the visibility of the braces.
Has anyone not happy with lingual and switch to invisalign?

I would never consider to get braces if the braces are visible, I am just too conscious about my teeth and look.

Are there any more factors that I have not considered?

I am deliberating whether I want to pay £3000 for the more invisible and possibly more painful option.

Any advice is appreciated!

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Re: Decision time- Invisalign or Lingual

#2 Post by bracesat41 »

IMO, I would do the Invisalign if you don't NEED regular braces with wires. You can take the Invisalign out and floss and eat regularly. If I could have done Invisalign I would have - just because of that factor. It is a real pain to brush, floss and eat steak with wires and brackets!

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Re: Decision time- Invisalign or Lingual

#3 Post by SinkFullOfDinner »

It looks like you have two good options and an ortho who's experienced in both. If you're close to indifferent between the two:
- just go with whichever option the ortho thinks is the best, most predictable result
- go with your gut preference
- if you really can't decide, save the £3k and go the Invisalign route

His out of pocket lab fee for lingual is ~£1k higher than Invisalign if he's proposing Incognito, so there's probably an extra £2k of labor and chair time markup built into the lingual price. I only mention it because he may be willing to promise to switch you to Invisalign for no additional cost if you decide early in treatment that linguals were a mistake. He may even do better that way. Just a thought.

No matter how much you try and how much you research, there's only so much invisibility that you can control, unfortunately, whether it's attachments or buttons or elastics. At some point, you get what you get, and you won't know for sure until you get it. You'll be fine either way. Good luck!

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Re: Decision time- Invisalign or Lingual

#4 Post by chinglnc »

Hello SinkFullOfDinner, thank you for your advice.

Unfortunately the two options are with two different orthos so I can't switch easily if I am not happy with the results.

You are right that there is probably not perfect invisibility, I have read good and horror stories for both methods, I suppose sometimes it also depends on your luck.

Thank you again!

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Re: Decision time- Invisalign or Lingual

#5 Post by pammy128 »

I was considering Invisalign and regular braces. The two people I know who tried Invisalign were unhappy with their results and got regular wires after their Invisalign treatment. In other words it was a waste. I know there were certain movements I wanted my teeth to make that I would not have been able to do with the Invisalign. If you can get identical results and are disciplined person, it may work well for you. Just know that it does not fix certain problems.

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Re: Decision time- Invisalign or Lingual

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