Am I too old for lingual braces? Mid-40

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Am I too old for lingual braces? Mid-40

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I am considering to get lingual because but worrying about all the side effect.

My orthologist reassure me that my life would be back to normal after the treatment (e.g. I can eat chewy food, speak 'properly') but I have friends suggesting that their teeth are a lot more sensitive even after treatment. (1) Does anyone has this experience?

I am also worry about the speech problem during the treatment as talking to clients are my day-to-day job. (2) I heard it will take a few months to 'get used to it' but I am wondering whether there is a way to 'speed' this process so that my tongue can get used to it?

(3) Does anyone has any experience of having lisp problem throughout their treatment?

Thank you.

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