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New to this.

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I received my first treatment on Feb 7th.
My uppers were put on. The first couple of weeks were horrible. What a pain in the mouth!
A few pounds of wax later, and I'm doing ok. Until...

Yesterday the bottoms put on. :(
The doc also put something called build up on a few of my bottom teeth so my bite doesn't close.

What I would really like to know....
What are we supposed to be able to eat?
I mean c'mon baby food, soup and smoothies..there has got be better ideas...
I would like to know, what do you eat?
Please help.

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Re: New to this.

#2 Post by FlyByNight »

I ate everything I did before I got my braces on. I was just carful not to bend the wire. I had to learn how to chew after my braces were put on. I had bite ramps on the back of my upper incisors.

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Re: New to this.

#3 Post by Ashwings »

Ice cream and pudding! You can probably manage to eat most soft foods like pasta... It will get better with time If you chew carefully you can eat most foods.

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