People keep noticing!

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People keep noticing!

#1 Post by flaav001 »

Hi all!!
I've had my lingual braces (top and bottom) on for 11 months now and I LOVE the results. However, in the past few months I have had quite a lot of people notice them when I talk, they see the bottom ones.

I am really self conscious about having them on, as the reason I went lingual was to have them hidden! Has anyone had lots of people notice?

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Re: People keep noticing!

#2 Post by Shelleyt »

Yep. The bottoms are visible for me when I talk, especially if the person I am talking to is taller than me or if I sit and they stand. Pretty sure everyone I talk to regularly knows about them. I still think they look nicer than metal or ceramic bottoms (or even Invisalign when there are lots of buttons) but you're right- definitely not completely invisible! As my bite has changed, my bottom teeth have become much more visible, hence more people noticing lately

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Re: People keep noticing!

#3 Post by SinkFullOfDinner »

While I never had anyone comment, I'm sure that some of the people (many?) I interacted with regularly at some point were in the right position or angle to pick up on the bottoms. Like Shelleyt mentioned, if they're standing above you looking down, or maybe next to you or slightly behind, they can catch a glimpse from the side. I guess when it came to colleagues, it didn't bother me if they knew. I just preferred that it not be advertised when I'm meeting people for the first time and in business settings when I'm talking directly to someone, and linguals are great for that. Hopefully you get that benefit more often than not, as well. It's nice to hear that you're loving the results so far!

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Re: People keep noticing!

#4 Post by MikeLewis »

Hmmm. I was considering lingual braces so they could be hidden. I'm on the short side, so I guess they would be noticeable (on my bottoms) on me. :?

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