Lingual Braces- How "incognito" are they???

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Lingual Braces- How "incognito" are they???

#1 Post by MikeLewis »

I've had braces before, but my lower teeth have shifted. I occassionally think about getting that corrected, especially since one tooth is beginning to be awkwardly angled. But I'm reluctant to go through the whole social thing with visible braces.

Today, at work, I discovered that a co-worker had lingual braces. I didn't even know she had them, although its also the case that I'm not all that closely acquiainted with this co-worker. But it got me thinking.

I have a question for you all: How "incognito"/invisible are your lingual braces? Do others know you have lingual braces? How succesful have you been able to keep your orthodontia hidden from general view?

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Re: Lingual Braces- How "incognito" are they???

#2 Post by SinkFullOfDinner »

I think they're pretty "incognito," with a couple caveats.
- Someone looking at you from the side or slightly from behind when you're speaking, especially if they're taller, will be able to see the lower brackets, but they still might not know what they are. Have you ever caught just the right angle (e.g., someone leaning over to tie their shoe) and you see their bonded retainer on their lowers? Same thing.

- Also, it kind of depends how much your lower molar brackets cover or go over the tooth. If they're mostly on the side of the tooth, you're in good shape. If they extend over to include the outside surface, then you can see that portion on the back of your lower teeth. Kind of like seeing someone's molar buildups. In that case, though, you really don't see "braces," just gold material and they may just assume it's a gold crown.

- Lastly, buttons for elastics. If you get buttons on teeth that show, then they'll show, and a lot of elastic configurations are pretty visible if you're stuck with 24/7 instructions. It's not the linguals that usually blow your cover - it's the other stuff!

The tops are really discreet. I have to tilt my head way back to even see them in the mirror. Unless you spend your days lying on your back at the pool and talking to people as they walk by, you should be ok.

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Re: Lingual Braces- How "incognito" are they???

#3 Post by Shelleyt »

Second what sink said. Tops not visible whatsoever, bottoms can be somewhat visible. I think most people who I talk to regularly such as coworkers and friends have at some point or another realized I have braces, but even my SO forgets they are there most of the time. I think the way I talk to try to cover them up if someone is close to me actually makes them more
Visible haha

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Re: Lingual Braces- How "incognito" are they???

#4 Post by MikeLewis »

Thanks for the input. Its something I have to think about.

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Re: Lingual Braces- How "incognito" are they???

#5 Post by chinglnc »


I have been wondering about this too.

I have short and have big mouth, I am wondering whether it's worth to get bottom incognito or should I get ceramic braces since incognito is not going to be 'invisible' anyway?

I am wondering what did you decide in this end?

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