Power Chains Help!!

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Power Chains Help!!

#1 Post by Assila97 »

I got braces because mainly one of the two upper middle teeth is slightly protruding out.There's not much work to be done.It has been 6 months now and yesterday the dentist took a look and said "Your teeth are pretty straight now" and proceeded to tighten my braces. But when I looked into the mirror, after leaving, I realised that I got Powerchains on! I didn't know the function of powerchains and assumed that they are stronger braces to straighten teeth better.

After googling it up, I read that powerchains are mainly used to close up gaps and is commonly the *last step* in braces. The problem is.. I don't think my teeth are completely straight! I feel that the tooth is slightly protruding outwards.It might seem straight to strangers but not to me. I'm afraid that my braces will be removed with disappointing results. Braces are just so expensive.

Would you guys answer this for me? : Do powerchains ONLY close in gaps or do they have a role to play in straightening teeth? Since they have enough strength to close gaps, surely they are able to straighten as well, right?

If not, is it possible to revert back to normal braces if I tell my dentist what I think? Besides I'm only 6 months in, it wouldn't cause any problems, would it?

Thank you!!

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Re: Power Chains Help!!

#2 Post by SinkFullOfDinner »

Hi - Yeah, powerchains are used to close gaps, but they're also used to prevent gaps from opening if your ortho is still moving things around. Especially if the moves are ones that slide the bracket along the wire. If your ortho is moving some teeth along the wire, I'd consider that straightening, but they can be used for other moves as well. Just call or ask next time what they're being used for in your case.

I don't know about the "last step" thing. I guess it could be insurance at the end to make sure no last minute gaps open up, but I've had various powerchains for over a year and it sure hasn't been a last step thing for me!

Either way, if you're not happy with how things are lined up, talk to your ortho about it and what they're thinking. The good/bad news is that they may be thinking the same thing and have a perfect plan to address it, but maybe you're not as close to the end as you thought. :cry:

Regarding reverting to normal braces, that's always an option, but be careful what you wish for. I just found out at my last appointment that we're going to have to finish the treatment with regular braces. That's a pretty big disappointment since (assuming the same with you) the lingual braces cost more, but you pay it to avoid having regular braces. Then *bam* you have regular braces anyway and the lingual cost. Your ortho might be thrilled if you say you're willing to switch to regular braces, because I think lingual are a bit of a pain in the rear for them and they'd be happy to receive the higher fee to do a simpler technique. If you go that route, at least you (me too) will have shortened the time in regular braces because of the progress so far with the linguals. Good luck, and I'm sure your ortho will have a plan that gets a fantastic result, especially if you're willing to finish with regular braces to get there.

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Re: Power Chains Help!!

#3 Post by tonyk »

My understanding is that powerchains close gaps. I don't know what lingual braces you're using, but if it's Incognito, the archwire is custom designed to move your teeth to very specific positions, and one tooth should not be protruding if the treatment is at or near completion.

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