Grey teeth during Lingual Braces.. will they turn back white?

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Grey teeth during Lingual Braces.. will they turn back white?

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Whilst I have had my braces on for nearly 6 months (June 6th 2016) and have been finding this website particularly helpful during my first stint with my new braces I am a new member as I have not seen anyone else complain about the issue I am now about to reveal.

I have since my school days always wanted braces, but due to restrictions where I am from, and due to the nature of the problem (crowding, but deemed only cosmetic) our national insurance refused to pay for it! Now a mature 29 years old female, paying her own bills, I decided to bite the bullet as the issue was ever growing.

This is the problem:
My two teeth sitting next to the front teeth on the top arch needed to rotate and angle of nearly 90 degrees. Yes! 90 Degrees. Due to some crazy wisdom teeth (which were all removed in March - ouch), my two teeth next to my front teeth had been pushed sideways and were sitting looking like two fangs.
As I work in a client facing environment, I decided to opt for lingual braces despite not knowing how much it would make me lisp haha
Anyway, everything is going as it should the first while I have no issue, the teeth start getting a bit wobbly and at my second appointment, my orthodontist places two invisalign buttons on the outside of my teeth and places elastics (power chain bands I think they are) trying to force the teeth to rotate both from the inside and outside.

My teeth turned very, very quickly and in a matter of 3 months, the front 6 teeth had been pushed out a bit and the trouble teeth had been rotated! I am not going to lie, I was delighted with the progress but had never expected for them to turn that fast.
Fast forward 2 months, I am inspecting my teeth and the two teeth which have been rotated look slightly darker than the rest of the teeth - almost a blue or grey hue. As you do, I start googling the issue and find that my teeth can be dying due to lack of blood supply or the nerve being damaged :shock: The teeth are still very wobbly, they dont hurt, and they dont feel unusual in terms of feeling in them they just have another, slightly darker colour.

Here is my question; has anyone else experienced their braces pulled the teeth so much that the teeth turned slightly darker. Did the teeth turn back a normal colour? What else should I do?

I have seen my orthodontist, I didn't bring it up as Im hoping its normal and she said nothing! I have spent a lot of money on this, I dont want to be ungrateful but feel a little bit gutted in case I am left with a straight but slightly imperfect result.

Hoping for someone else to reassure me on this dark and gloomy Sunday.


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Re: Grey teeth during Lingual Braces.. will they turn back white?

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Hi BYZ - While I haven't experienced this issue, I have two suggestions: 1) I would try posting this question on the main Metal Mouth Forum, as well. The issue you described isn't limited to linguals, despite that being your treatment plan, but that forum is much more active with users as you might expect. I think it's more likely that it could be seen by someone who can give you feedback based on the same experience. 2) If it were me, I would call both my dentist and ortho tomorrow - do not wait - and describe the issue. If you're correct, time is probably important.

Hopefully they agree that there's no risk to the health of the two teeth. If it turns out to be just cosmetic discoloration that wasn't apparent when the teeth were rotated and hidden, you can likely address that later with a bit of bonding. Good luck! Glad to hear that everything else is going well!

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Re: Grey teeth during Lingual Braces.. will they turn back white?

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What was the outcome? It sounds scary.

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