New lingual braces and molars not meeting

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New lingual braces and molars not meeting

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I just got lingual braces on the top and ceramic braces on the bottom four days ago. Other than the lisp and the teeth being sore to the touch, this is my problem. When I bite my bottom teeth hit the lingual braces on my top teeth and it prevents all of my molars from touching therefore preventing me from being able to chew anything up. Did anyone else have this problem and how long did it last?

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Re: New lingual braces and molars not meeting

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Hi Tebin,

Firstly, congratulations on taking the plunge, and good luck with your journey. Whilst it's often a rough and uncomfortable ride (for me at least) the joy of seeing small improvements in your teeth along the way, and the prospect of being able to smile properly at the end of the treatment, should spur you on I hope.

I don't have your configuration as I have linguals top and bottom, although I do wonder with hindsight whether I would have been better having ceramics fitted on my bottom teeth.

Anyway, to the bite.... My config has metal plates on all the molars, which lifts the bite somewhat so that the bottom teeth don't knock against the top teeth (and thereby risk dislodging the brackets on the top teeth). I actually had one of the molar brackets come off near the beginning of my treatment, and my ortho applied some temporary cement/glue to my back molars so that I bite into those and not the plates. With either method, I still don't have a great ability to chew (or even a great desire to) and my diet is almost entirely still soup and smoothies after nearly 4 months. But the upside is that my teeth don't knock against the top brackets (and actually I'm feeling the benefits of this healthier diet).

I think you should try to see your ortho for a follow up fairly quickly, just to check whether the contact you are making between top and bottom teeth can be adjusted/avoided.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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