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#1 Post by Chaaguila »

How much did you pay for lingual braces ? I got a consultation and the ortho quoted 10,000.

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Re: Price?

#2 Post by revealsmile »

About 1500 US dollars (just for the upper arch. STb braces, not incognito)

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Re: Price?

#3 Post by bmueller »

$10k USD, I've heard quotes up to $15k USD.

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Re: Price?

#4 Post by Tiacat »

UK£1800 for top arch only stb braces.

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Re: Price?

#5 Post by Carlosis »

I was charged £6995 for full upper and lower lingual braces.

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Re: Price?

#6 Post by rubywoo »

Crazy how much the prices vary!!

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Re: Price?

#7 Post by Liz2013 »

Some are custom manufactured and digitally planned and some are not.

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Re: Price?

#8 Post by amywithlingual »

Was quoted 9k for top and bottom linguals with "suresmile" technology!
Ended up doing 7k for top lingual and bottom ceramic.
I did shop around quite a bit though. I think it ranged from 9k to 14k!

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Re: Price?

#9 Post by keybgamer »

I'm planning to get incognito braces this december and my ortho quoted 5500 Euros, and I live in ghana.

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Re: Price?

#10 Post by Norrie »

I just got Incognitos (upper and lower), and I believe that they were just over $5700. I'll have to look to double-check. We live in a low cost of living area, which may account for some of that. The price also includes Essix retainers at the end of treatment.

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Re: Price?

#11 Post by cs2thecox »

£7,500 for upper and lower eBraces, plus a year of retainers at the end.

It also seems to include supplies as I wasn't charged extra for a big bottle of mouthwash at my fitting! (Or wax, but I expected that to be free...)

This is a posh place in central London, so I'd expect it to be at the upper end of the price range. (But I live and work in central London, so...)

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Re: Price?

#12 Post by Habzburg »

I'm 18 days into my pre-double jaw surgery ortho treatment with Lingual braces (upper and lower). I'm in Dublin, Ireland.

Total cost for the Lingual braces is €9,000 (about $12,000 or £7,500) with a 2,000 euro upfront payment and the rest spread over 20 months.

At my fitting I was given a cast of my dental impressions with a full physical model of my projected outcome (bite post-op).

Estimated treatment time is 12 months.

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Re: Price?

#13 Post by rocker »

quoted £8-9k

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Re: Price?

#14 Post by cwilch »

$8,500 before insurance and $3,500 after

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Re: Price?

#15 Post by Haagi »

Here 2.5k euro p arch (after insurance which is cheap in my country)

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