Warning!! Small Lingual Brackets

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Luckily, I haven't had any problems (unless you count some O-rings popping off). Also, the only gap I have is the one the ortho created between two of my bottom teeth to create room for the teeth to move. One of them closed already.

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Just incase anyone was worried for me.. my gap has closed :wink:

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Hi guys,
After starting off this little thread I didn't come back for ages, so frustrated was i with my treatment I just didnt wanna vent on all of you guys. Anyways, I just went and saw Dave's pics of his brackets hich are the same as mine. On the backs of the wires I noticed something smooth and white covering the sharp ends of the wire. PLEASE tell me this is ont wax but something special your ortho did for you???? Right now I have a super sharp bit at the back of my toungue sticking in and this is kinda normal for me and absolutely kills. Tell me that stuff is something special so I can go and immediately sack my ortho on monday... DAVE?? ANYONE?? Help!!!

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I don't know what the white stuff is, LL, but the only other suggestion I can offer is that your ortho lightly "grind" the ends of the wires so that they're less pointy, more rounded. I get this done routinely when new wires are placed and it seems to be OK.

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Sorry to hear you're so miserable London Lingual! Hope things get better really soon!

I noticed those white things on the back of Dave's wires also and posted a question to him about them - no, they're not wax, but something his ortho acutally put on there.
Cheeky Mango.. the stuff at the back is some composite that the ortho put over the end of the wire to stop it poking into the back of my tongue. Seems a good idea as I can't even notice these back brackets!
I tend to remember mentioning in another post that it had kind of worn off over a period of time. Sounds like a fantastic idea to me!


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Thanks guys, I will contact my ortho about this. Really annoyed they didn't offer me this already. Starting to wonder if I made the right decision with them. I think Lingual braces are pretty difficult to master and I'd advise anyone getting them to really make sure their ortho is up to the job. Thanks again guys.

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Hi All!

I haven't been around for a while but was about to post an update when I saw this.

London... the white stuff was indeed composite, put on the back brackets only when i first got the braces fitted. I think this was to ensure that I didn't have any problems with these brackets as i'd already be trying to deal with all of the others.

The composite lasted a couple of weeks, at which point it broke off and I ate it (not intentionally of course!)

So far i've had 3 adjustments, and had a new wire at each one.... and once the wire is in place, my ortho "clips" any excess wire which is poking out of the back of the rearmost brackets. I suspect this is whats causing you so much pain!
As my teeth have moved, one wire did start poking out of the bracket, and I suspect that if this is happening to you then you've really got 2 choices.... wack a load of wax on it..... or go back to the ortho and get it clipped.

I think that so long as you haven't just had an appointment and walked out of the ortho's office with a wire poking you, then I wouldn't blame your ortho, its just one of those things.

Hopefully your ortho is supportive in allowing you to make random appointments to get things like this sorted?

Hope it all goes ok!

My linguals are doing ok at the moment, my bite is still couldn't be more wrong, but things are still moving!

See ya'll!

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#23 Post by eoconnor »

so I have the "small" linguals (aka "ibraces") and they actually feel small after you've had them on for awhile. at first it feels really weird and was really hard for me to get used to but it gets easier and easier.

unfortunatley they are smaller so you do have to be conscious of what you're eating i think a little more so as not to break them off. i just had an emergency appt today b/c 2 of mine came loose and i had to have them reattached. but i'd rather have to give up on eating a few things in order to have straight teeth.

there have been some posts about not being able to eat certain stuff but i can basically eat everything and i think i wasnt being conscious enough to avoid foods that maybe wouldnt hurt to eat but would be too hard or strong that will loosen the bracket

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Hi LondonLingual, I hope your ortho fixed that wire for you already!

I usually have the same problem, because my back teeth are also coming to the front to close the extraction gaps, so the wire comes out of the last bracket after 1-2 weeks (at each appointment my ortho cuts the end of the wire). If my appointment is close (I go every 3 weeks) and I am lazy to visit the ortho I use wax, I just remove it when eating. But if the appointment is one week or more away, I ask for a quick visit to cut the end of the wire, it takes only a few minutes and what a relief after!

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Hi guys,

Thanks so much to Davey and everyone for replying, its great to find people having the same experiences and even on a site devoted to braces its nice when u find people who know just what you mean!

Yes I do sometimes go get the wire snipped at the back but I think I am lucky to have quite fast moving teeth so it never lasts long. I have also in the past seen a different ortho at the practise and they have bent the back of my wires so they are pointing inwards, and not towards my tongue, and this works a treat for a good month I'd say. I was just curious about the composite becasue that seems like the most comfortable solution of all. Shame it only lasts two weeks.

It's not all doom and gloom though. I noticed people chatting about what they can and can't eat, well I eat EVERYTHING (not chewing gum or toffee ofcourse lol) and I really don't think this has been the cause of many of my lingual problems. I have lost brackets before but once back on they stay on whatever you eat. So to recap in case anyone is reading this to research linguals before going for it, my problems have been more to do with wrong wires being used, power chains and ligs that wont stay on, and sharp wires stabbing my tongue. Eating was a problem for the first couple of months but after that it's been absolutely fine!

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