Question about Spacers

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Question about Spacers

#1 Post by Thatmom »

My Dd will be getting spacers put in on the 19th. What should I expect? Is this going to cause a lot of pain?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Question about Spacers

#2 Post by Eliru »

Hi, I just had my spacers last Monday (11 Aug. 2014) and it hurt like hell!! I'm having my teeth re-braced so I'm not new to this. But this time, I had 8 spacers and it hurt so much. But don't get discouraged, spacers hurt more than the actual braces. :) I have to endure this for 3 weeks (I'm counting down!!) and will be brace face again. yay!!

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Re: Question about Spacers

#3 Post by PineappleFish »

Some people say they're the worst part about braces, but I didn't think they were too bad, I already had some gaps so I only needed 2 spacers. It's harder to chew with them, but not impossible to eat a burger or something.

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