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second opinion

#1 Post by teachermom » Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:49 pm

I am new to the forum and really would like some advice. Our orthodontist just gave us the consultation which includes 21 months of braces, four teeth pulled, and temporary screws in my son's upper jaw instead of head gear. All of this is for a slightly recessed lower jaw and some overcrowding (eye teeth are high and secondary molars are not coming in). Does this sound extreme? Does $5500 plus cost of screws and extractions seem high? If I get a second opinion, will that orthodontist charge another $100 for records? I will do it all if it is what my son needs, but I don't want to get taken because I know nothing. I had a natural bite that never needed braces.

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Re: second opinion

#2 Post by libbylou » Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:32 pm

It does all sound quite a lot! My 11 year old daughter has her braces put on this month - for overjet and overcrowding too. The orthodontist we are seeing is a firm advocate of non extraction, and treats the vast majority of his patients this way. His attitude is that it is unnecessary to remove at least 10mm of teeth with extraction, per arch, when in most cases, just a few mm of space is needed which can be achieved through arch expansion or the use of interproximal reduction.

Am not sure about your prices as we are in the Uk - our treatment is costing £2500. It sounds very much like a second opinion is needed for you, to be sure that what has been proposed is the right way forward for your child. My own feeling was that I really wanted to be sure that extractions were 100% necessary before I allowed that to happen. There are many orthodontists out there who would support a non extraction approach if it is possible for your situation. From reading this site - it seems that many in the US will give free initial consultations?

Good luck! Its such a difficult decision isn't it, and one that you only want to make once you are sure that you are on the right treatment path.

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Re: second opinion

#3 Post by scraggy » Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:59 am

Za333 are you an ortho, can please stop talking complete rubbish.

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Re: second opinion

#4 Post by touchofhiddencharm » Sat Oct 11, 2014 10:24 am

I know orthos that stopped doing extractions because the new damon braces go by your natural jaw structure. The problem with that is, if his crowding is that bad and they fix it without extractions, his mouth may end up looking protruded (like a horse). 21 months actually is an average time frame for a kid his age because his mouth is still changing. it doesnt sound too abnormal to me. Braces arent fast. Even the "six months braces" can take some time but the thing with those are, they dont work on his jaw movement or alignment, only straight teeth. I say to always get multiple opinions before deciding to anything but you do want to take what theyre saying seriously when it comes to their proposed treatment plan. Taking a short cut could led to other problems later on and you dont want to waste money. So yes, please get some more opinions but ive heard of way more extreme cases when it comes to his issue. :)

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