should I try to correct my child's underbite?

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should I try to correct my child's underbite?

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Hi, My son is 4 years old and has an underbite. He is really beautiful and you do not notice anything strange about his face until he smiles. And even then he would open his mouth and you wouldn't be able to tell he has an underbite. His teeth are straight, and when he parts his moth his smile looks nice. I am concerned, however, that as he grows older the problem will be more noticeable. For those who have a child who had or still has an underbite, does it get worse? Should I take measures to correct it or just let him be? I have an appointment with an orthodontist, but would like to research as much as possible before going. Please advise.

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Have you taken him to your regular dentist? If you have, what did he suggest?

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Thank you for the response. I did take him to the dentist, who gave me a referral to an ortho., but said that he is probably too young to get treatment.

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I would say wait until around 7 years old then seek ortho treatment. My co-worker waited for her kids to turn 7 before starting them on ortho treatment for a various of reasons and underbite was one of them.


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Go to the ortho consult.
May be good to start now but may want/need to wait as well.

The youngest underbite pt I started was age 5.
Every case is different cant hurt to be looked at now.
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thank yo for the responses. will go see an orthodontist in a couple of weeks. I will update on the doctor's recommendations.

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I had a very simalar situation with my youngest son. I had him visiting the Ortho every year waiting and seeing what his permenant teeth would do as they came in. When four bottom and two top were in permenant, with the same situation, the ortho started with six brackets on bottom. two months later added six brackets on top. after six months of treatment, the problem is fixed and his teeth look great. we do understand that this was the only intention of the Ortho and that he will more than likly require Phase II treatment in a few years. But that is OK since we know that we have corrected a problem that may have led to bigger jaw problems if left alone.

Point of the story is, let the Ortho decide the best course, maybe things will be just fine when the permenant teeth come in.

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