Phase I and Phase II Ortho Treatment

If your child is in any stage of orthodontic treatment, this is a place to connect with other parents in your situation. Please note: this is a forum for adults only -- kids may not post here!

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Re: Phase I and Phase II Ortho Treatment

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My daughter is about to have Phase I. She is a mouth breather, tongue thruster, former thumb sucker, and has all the classic problems with those three situations. Her bite is not *technically* open, with 1.5 mm overbite, but she looks and functions like she has a significant open bite, and she does have 10 mm overjet. She cannot bite together with her front teeth at all. Even moving her lower jaw, she can't contact anything forward of her canines.

For her, Phase I is primarily about restoring function in the front teeth, and protecting them from trauma.

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Re: Phase I and Phase II Ortho Treatment

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My 16 year old had Phase 1 treatment at age 10. Just his upper 6. He has a gorgeous smile now and avoided needing any further treatment, which was the ortho's hope. It worked.

My youngest son is now 10 and has his 6 uppers and 4 lowers bracketed, plus the two back molars for anchoring a full wire there. He has a tooth rotated 90 degrees lower front, and the one next to it is "laying down". So he's got a spring along that side to help get it standing up. Had his baby canine removed right there to give it room to come in as it was trying to grow in underneath it. Crazypants! Chances are he will need Phase 2 when all of his permanent teeth come in but we will wait and see. It's amazing how fast his teeth have moved compared to mine. Except that laying down tooth. It's s stubborn little guy. If he does go for full braces when he's older our ortho discounts half of the phase 1 treatment cost from phase 2.
Braces for 18 months/4 days.


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